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Hello, Refugees! Book Review

My latest book review

AJ+ Exposé Exposes More Than Intended

AJ+ interviews a "refugee" from Balata and reveals much more than they intended to

Nova Scotia Encouraged Syrian Refugees to Seek Out ISIS

Syrian Refugees to Halifax: ISIS welcomes you!

The Son Of A Syrian Refugee

About those refugees. Deebo's opinion.

MUST WATCH: Silent Exodus

The refugees the UN and others do not seem to care about

WATCH: A Notable Exception

“During World War II, over 20,000 Jews found shelter in Shanghai”

Abbas On Refugees From Syria

Israel made an offer to Abbas more than two years ago. He refused.

We Can’t Compare Syrian Refugees And Jews Fleeing Nazis

Where were the refugee camps for Jews fleeing Nazi Europe?

UN Appeals For Money To Help Refugees By Keeping Them Refugees

UNRWA is worried Palestinian refugees will become real refugees.

Signs Of Common Sense Prevailing

The US Senate Appropriations Committee has approved language that would distinguish between palestinian refugees alive in 1948 and their descendants


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