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“BDS Victory” May See 900 Palestinians Out Of A Job

Sodastream is closing its doors in Ma'ale Adumim.
Scarlett Johansson SodaStream commercial image Super Bowl 2014

Another Intellectual Argument Against Scarlett Johansson

BDSHoles have now come out with another sophisticated argument

Rankin Foul

Acclaimed photographer and director Rankin seems determined to let us all know his name should be pronounced with a 'W'

Scarlett Johansson Says Thank You To Those Who Supported Her

Our messages of support for Scarlett's stand against Oxfam and the BDSHoles did not go unnoticed

Roger Waters’ Pathetic Follow-Up To Creepy Scarlett Letter

With bonus response from yours truly

“Anti-Racism” Palestinian Students President Mohammad Hammad Slurs All Israelis

The San Francisco State University General Union of Palestinian Students president again shows us how he feels about all Israelis
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