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UK Pop Star-Producer Mark Ronson Rips Black Newspaper The Voice Over Sympathetic Wiley Interview

UK pop star and producer Mark Ronson has hit out at black newspaper The Voice over a sympathetic interview with Wiley after the grime star's antisemitic tirade got him banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Anti-Israel Sites Lie About Why Muslim Contestant Mennel Ibtissem Left The Voice

A Muslim contestant on the French version of The Voice has quit after pro-terror comments of hers surfaced. But anti-Israel sites falsely claim it was because she is "pro-Palestine"

Eppic Israel Is Home

Rapper Eppic and finalists from Israel TV's "The Voice" - Daniella Millo and Rudi Baynesay

Reality of “Apartheid” In Israel

Inspired by the previous post, a whole number of other apartheid fails, and the fact posters seem to have a better chance of going viral!

More Israeli Apartheid Failure

See if you can spot the give away clue that, once again, we let an Arab infiltrate normal life.


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