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Success! Weather+ App Fixes “Jerusalem, Palestinian Territory” Bug

Follow-up to yesterday's post about the Weather+ app's characterization of Jerusalem

Weather+ App Rains on Our Parade

"The essential Weather App for Android and iOS- with real Weather Condition Videos. It's the most well-designed and reliable weather app available!" Reliable, no.

The Rain In Israel Runs On Time

And was last week’s massive dust and sand storm linked to the Sabbath year we just concluded?

Joe’s World: Yom Ha’atzmaut With A Chance of Showers

A little artwork inspired by the day of celebration (weather permitting).

Palestinians And Supporters Open The Floodgates Of Bullcrap

Never let a crisis go to waste without blaming Israel

AccuWeather: Not So Accu

Ariel is located in which country?
image snow in Jerusalem, picture Jerusalem snow, photo snow Isarel

Photo of the Day: SNOW Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel covered in white stuff, snowing and sticking

Three Day Weather Forecast For Israel

We bring you the news, sometimes sports, lots of entertainment. So why not the weather?

The Answer My Friend Is Blowin’ In The Wind

Today has seen some crazy, windy weather here in Israel


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