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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984’s Yiddish “Easter Egg”

If proud Israeli Gal Gadot in the lead role wasn't enough of a reason for the haters to boycott Wonder Woman 1984, here's another...

“Ariel Gold Breaks Quarantine With the Voices in Her Head”

SCENE: The Middle Eastern Foods Aisle at a Wegmans in Ithaca, New York. Ariel Gold is in Deep Thought near the hummus section.....

WATCH: Yiddish Has Gone to the Dogs

Just when you thought you had seen everything

Friday Morning Yiddish

This video is Geshmak

Lord Have Mercy on Sister Schmuck

From the Department of Unfortunate Names
rabbi weiss

Oy Vey!

Can you guess which of these men is a Yiddish-speaking con man who jumped bail after being charged in a massive mortgage fraud scheme?
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