Scenes From Palestinian Security Training Day

Introducing the “Detecto”..

“Yup, the machine confirms you are not a Jew. Welcome aboard!”

Either someone is really late for training day, or the palestinian security forces are conducting a drill on overpowering a Zionist using 100 men.

Palestinian security cadets stand in formation as a man walks by with his luggage during a drill at a training base in the West Bank city of Jericho, Monday, Feb. 8, 2010.

Ahmed never was the sharpest tool in the shed..

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  • juvanya

    He's guarding the rear flank.

  • tejano

    too bad the guy with the luggage isn't hamas with 50 lbs of goodies wrapped in nails ..

  • kellyp

    he does look a like a moron but as juvanya said he is guarding the rear where they came from.

  • Marik

    I think they're learning the Napoleonic war massed musket fire drill!!
    Nice going moteks…. All the easier to mow them down with a single machine gun burst.
    Or may it is the new circle jerk formation!

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