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A lawyer by education, David Lange - founder and managing editor of Israellycool - found his calling in advocating for Israel and the Jewish people. He is available for public speaking engagements.

How To Maintain the Propaganda When Life’s a Beach for You in Gaza

What to do when Gaza is not as it is being portrayed

Know Your History: Jews Looking Out for Their Arab Neighbors Following Earthquake of 1927...

The Jewish Yishuv asked for funds for earthquake relief - and not just for the Jews

Israel-Haters Spin Huge BDS Fail as a BDS Victory

A huge loss for BDS, but you wouldn't know it if you relied on anti-Israel rag The Electronic Intifada

Palestinian National Soccer Team Player Abdallah Jaber Signs With Israeli Club (Updated)

I cannot imagine Palestinian Football Chief Jibril Rajoub is going to be happy about this.

Some More Palestinian Information Center Epic Dumbassery

The Palestinian Information Center is the gift that keeps on giving

DC Accidentally Makes Batman Jewish

Turns out Bruce Wayne is Jewish

Ayatollah Khamenei’s Latest Graphic Fun

No outright Jew hatred in this one, but a bit of a Where's Waldo game.

WATCH: Israeli “Mentalist” Lioz Shem Tov Strikes Again!

Everyone's favorite "mentalist" Lioz Shem Tov has now auditioned for Britain's Got Talent (after appearing on America's Got Talent and Australia's Got Talent).

A Fauxtography “Own Goal”

An Israel-hater by the name of Ali Haider tweeted the following

Terror-Supporting Bakery Reems Caught ‘Culturally Appropriating’

Terror cafe Reems - which last time we heard was closing down and morphing into something else - is currently providing "shakshuka kits."


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