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A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

Return of the McFalafel

McDonald's will begin selling falafel, kebabs and crispy chicken in pita breads at its Israeli branches starting on July 7.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Something Else to Blame on Israel: Ruining Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mojo

What has been described as Cristiano Ronaldo's 'worst free kick' of his entire career occurred against those craft Zionists
lucas koerner

Whatever Happened To (Israel-Haters Edition): Lil’ Lucas Koerner

Whatever happened to Lucas Koerner, the as-a-Jew Tufts student whose shenanigans in Jerusalem made him a fan favorite among Israel-haters?
Saeid Mollaei Din Yaacov Gemer embrace

When (Former) Iranian Judoka Saeid Mollaei Met Israel’s Din Yaacov Gemer

Former Iranian-turned-Mongolian judoka Saeid Mollaei competed against Israel's Din Yaacov Gemer, defeating his young opponent
el kurds

The Ugly Truth Behind Photogenic El-Kurd Twins

They are being described as "Israel's worst nightmare," and they are certainly an Israel-hater's wet dream when it comes to PR bonanzas
media bias

Journalists: We Are Done With Reporting Objectively on Palestinian Arab Israeli Conflict

A group of journalists have signed an outrageous statement, basically announcing they are done with journalistic ethics.
david pakman

Progressive Commentator Admits Left Has Antisemitism Problem

Progressive commentator David Pakman acknowledges that some on the Left turn a blind eye to very real antisemitism

Imam & Dentist Munir El-Kassem Connects Murder of Ontario Muslim Family to Events in...

Munir El-Kassem, imam of the Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario and a dentist, makes his vigil about Israel
CJ Werleman

Antisemitic “Journalist” CJ Werleman’s Latest Lie Debunked

Serial liar and pretend journalist CJ Werleman has done it again, posting something false in order to demonize Israel.
hamas houthis

Yemenis Finally Work Out Hamas May Not Be Such Good Guys After All

Yemeni human rights activists, journalists and politicians have strongly criticized Hamas for honoring the Iran-backed Houthi militia
brian keisling

Jewish Israel-Hater Brian Keisling Supports Vandalism of Synagogues

How low can some Jews go? In the case of Jewish Israel-hater Brian Keisling, it seems the answer is "really low."

Hassan Nasrallah Denies He is Gravely Ill, Cherishes The Love

Head Hizbully Hassan Nasrallah said his health was good and thanked all who had asked after him in a televised speech in which he seemed ill
givara budeiri

Lying Journalist Givara Budeiri’s Freudian Slip For The Ages

A pearl of a Freudian Slip in the video I posted as part of my post exposing the lies of Al Jazeera journalist Givara Budeiri
wasim hafda

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Wasim Hafda (Immigration Officer, Australia)

Meet the Immigration Officer with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection who seems to hate Jews
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