Epic Fail: Avatard Facebook Group


You may recall last week’s Avatards, palestinan protesters who painted themselves blue and posed as characters from the hit film Avatar to equate their struggle to the one portrayed in the film.

Well, someone opened a Facebook group dedicated to these Avatards (hat tip: Michael).

Problem is, whoever launched the group gave it this description:

Palestinian Avatars: Avatar Metaphor for Palestine? :

“…This is about suicide bombers …That is why the wall went up.
Israel is rerouting some of the wall, which will return half of the Palestinian territory lost when the wall went up, but that is not good enough for the villagers on the other side. Perhaps they should trying stoning any Palestinian family thinking about belting up. Without suicide bombers, the wall would not have been necessary

Not surprisingly, members of the group did not like what seems to be an admission that the security barrier went up to help prevent suicide bombings, and that Israel has been trying to make life easier for the palestinians affected!

But not to worry. They have since rewritten the group description.

Kind of like how the palestinians have rewritten history.

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