More Ugliness From Helen Thomas

Evil old bag Helen Thomas has been in the news recently, with new controversial comments at an event in Dearborn coming to light, leading to Wayne State University pulling the “Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity Award.” 

Yet just last month, she was interviewed about her initial, infamous comments about Jews, which led to her sacking resignation. This interview seems to have remained relatively unnoticed, even though she makes more shocking and antisemitic comments in it. Comments such as:

  • The Jewish claim G-d gave them Jerusalem is “very debatable” (“What god?”) – 3:33 onwards
  • While the Holocaust was tragic, not just the Jews fought in WWII  -3:48 onwards
  • Jews interpreted her ” Jews get out of Israel and go to Poland” comments because of “their propaganda minds”, and their strategy to always play the victim to the exclusion of others “because it helps them”- 4:21
  • Israel was recognized by the US only after the Zionists started knocking down the door of Truman at 3AM – 5:40 onwards
  • She is “more semitic” than her (Jewish) critics – 7:00 onwards

She also seems to be unfamilar with cell phones (1:35), which should be inexcusable for a journalist, albeit one from the Stone Age.

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  • Stan

    Yes she is an antisemite. I do have a certain respect for someone who has the strength and energy to be the center of controversy at age 90. As ugly as she is, I would not mind looking as good as her when I reach age 90.


    • Shy Guy

      As ugly as she is, I would not mind looking as good as her when I reach age 90.

      All you'll be missing is the lipstick (on the pig).

  • Joanne

    I think she is a bigot, and it is distressing that her views may be representative of many in the Arab-American community.

    But I would lay off making fun of her age. It’s petty and cheap, and brings down oneself a notch or two. I don’t blame her for being old. No one should be ridiculed for being old and homely, no matter what the person is like. Her age is not the issue here. Leave it alone.

    • juvanya

      No she is just an ultra-liberal. Most non-Muslim Lebanese know what the Muslims have done to their country.

  • Empress Trudy

    Well at least she’ll soon be in hell administering enemas to the devil.

  • sung

    Go Helen Thomas! I find it ironic that there are so many out there who consider her an, "anti-Semite" while she is in fact, a Semite. I wonder if any of you know what a, "Semite" is.

    Joanne, you think she's a bigot? What's your take on, "“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel…Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi [Arabic, meaning lord or master] and eat,”?

    • walt kovacs


      you were not at rav ovadiah yosef's drasha (i will not translate for the retarded) therefore, do not comment on a tiny piece of it

      everyone knows what it means when one calls another an anti semite….helen, the racist, bigot…is using the words of another racist, bigot, (farakhan) when she says she cannot be an anti semite, for she is a semite

      but lets say she isnt an anti semite…she is a jew hater….just like you

      now quickly…run to some jew hate website for more misquotes from the sages….you jew hating bastard (my apologies to all…but ive had enough)

      • sung

        “jew hating bastard”? I don’t think so. However, I don’t agree with Zionism, which does not mean I’m against Jews. Nice name calling. Typical Zionist kind of behavior. You can’t argue any points so you call names.

        You do realize that not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews don’t you? Did you know that there are different types of Jews who sometimes have drastically differing viewpoints? According to your mentality, whatever side you oppose must be “anti-Semitic” although they are Jewish.

        No I wasn’t there for the lovely lecture. If he had been taken out of context, I think the ADL would be the first to come to his defense, as opposed to condemning his words.

        Next time you call someone a, “jew hating bastard”, try and capitalize “jew” and put a hyphen between that and, “hating.”

        “(my apologies to all…but ive had enough)” – I forgive you Walt, apology accepted.

    • pinksliptimes

      Sung, it is you who doesn't know what an antisemite is. "Antisemite" is a term invented by a self-described antisemite Wilhelm Marr from the 1800 in Germany, who invented the term to describe his hatred not of Arabs, Assyrians, Amharic-speaking Ethiopians or Maltese or other speakers of Semitic languages, but of Jews.

      Helen Thomas hates Jews – not just particular actions of the State of Israel, but Jews. She fits the definition of "antisemite" formed by the term's author.

  • walt kovacs

    i dont apologize to jew hating bastards…and where in this video does that racist bitch talk about non jewish zionists? she knows exactly who she is speaking of….stop trying to spin her words….you PIG (there….capitalized)

    and i dont care what the adl says about rav ovadi….

    btw, you made no points at all….you just agreed with what that filthy jew hater had to say

    you…like all jew hating bastards, are just like wingnut bastards…say things to get others angry, then take umbrage when they do

    go away

  • sung

    “…and where in this video does that racist bitch talk about non jewish zionists?” Where did I say that she referred to Jewish or non-Jewish Zionists? Making up accusations again?

    You called me a, “jew hating bastard”, and I merely corrected you by telling you that I didn’t agree with Zionism in general, and that Zionism is not representative of all Jews. Therefore, calling me a “jew hating bastard” is false, and libelous. That’s not making a point?

    Yo forgot to capitalize “jew” again. Try the shift key, it helps.

    “(my apologies to all…but ive had enough)” – I forgive you Walt, apology accepted.

    • israellycool

      You are not fooling anyone, Sung. Using the word "ZIonist" instead of "Jew" is the new strategy of antiSemites.

      And you are clearly such. Quoting the supposed words of a Rabbi is to attack Zionism?

      Helen Thomas was clearly referring to Jews, and this more manifest in her Dearborn speech when she spoke of "Zionists" having money and controlling Hollywood.

      BTW, I am leaving your hate-filled comments on this site, instead of deleting them, since they serve a great purpose for me: illustrating exactly my point – that antisemites invariably hide behind the word "Zionist" when they mean "Jew."

      • sass

        anti zionist jews give lie to the charge that when you attack zionism your attacking jews.

      • sung

        Your statement about "antisemites" hiding behind 
        the word Zionist is incorrect.  As someone earlier
        mentioned there is a group out there called 
        Neturei Karta.  They are headed by Jews, who are  
        against…..what again?…..That's right, "Zionism". 
        It is irrelevant whether or not you or your readers             
        agree with the group's political stance, but what 
        is relevant is that they are Jews criticizing 
        Zionism. Since they appear to be devout Torah Jews,
        it seems difficult to claim that they would be, "antisemitic".

        Now, as a non-practicing member of the Jewish faith, if I
        mentioned Zionism, it must mean I'm "antisemitic". Do you find any
        double-standards there?
        So, that throws  your argument or blanket statement about     
         "antisemites" using the word, "Zionism" out the  
        "BTW, I am leaving your hate-filled comments on this site…"  
        My "hate – filled comments"?  Let's drink a cold glass of reality here.  I'm not the one going around calling people "…bastard", "jew hating bastards", “You have a future as the poster boy for post birth abortion and little else”, or "filthy jew hater", etc.  Those comments are  not hate – filled? 

        • sass

          The biggest attacks, by zionists, are reserved for Jews who don't toe the zionist line. The attack on Judge Goldstone is a good example. Then you have the Richard Silversteins, Norman Finklesteins and so on and you'll get my meaning.
          If zionism were judaism, antisemitism would be a moral imperative

    • Jim from Iowa

      Song sung blue, everybody knows one. Sung, as Neil Diamond so aptly opined "Everybody gets the blues now and then" but why do you bring your dark cloud to this site? I am not a Jew, but Neil Diamond is and I think he's got you pegged just about right.

    • GabysPoppy

      DUNG, I will also call you a JEW hating bastard. Deal with the fact your entire personal life has been a total failure. Find another group of people to be your personal "scapegoat". You have a future as the poster boy for post birth abortion and little else.

      • sung

        Find another group of people to be my scapegoat? I'll gladly do so Gaby, just as soon as you give me my tax money back which goes to supporting that country. I shouldn't expect that anytime soon should I?

        • GabysPoppy

          Dung, you have to be a productive paying taxpayer in order to complain where your tax dollars are going. Seeing you don't fit into that demographic, STFU.

  • sass

    If Helen Thomas said that 'all Arabs should vacate Israel 'she would be a hero in America and most probally get promoted to chairman of the board.

  • mike belman

    I have never understood or has anyone ever explained to me what people do not like about Zionism. What is it that they do not like? All I have ever heard is "I am against Zionism" . What does that mean?

  • Yossarian

    people keep forgetting that there are no Jews (Zionists) in Gaza

  • sung

    Gaby, what evidence do you have that I am or am not a productive tax payer? I don't fit into the tax payer "demographic"?, how so? A tax payer is a tax payer, period. Show everyone here how smart you are, and come up with some evidence to back up your claims.

    No evidence, so my guess is, you will only respond to name calling. Go ahead, prove me right or wrong. Instead of obscene responses in acronym form, why not just say what you want to say, and prove to everyone what you are?

    You can't attack the issues, so you attack me. Hmmm… misdirection, falsehoods, libel, flat out lies, etc. Why not answer the issues in a civilized format? You can't can you?

    Have a nice day.

    PS: I forgive you and Walt

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