More Ugliness From Helen Thomas

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Evil old bag Helen Thomas has been in the news recently, with new controversial comments at an event in Dearborn coming to light, leading to Wayne State University pulling the “Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity Award.” 

Yet just last month, she was interviewed about her initial, infamous comments about Jews, which led to her sacking resignation. This interview seems to have remained relatively unnoticed, even though she makes more shocking and antisemitic comments in it. Comments such as:

  • The Jewish claim G-d gave them Jerusalem is “very debatable” (“What god?”) – 3:33 onwards
  • While the Holocaust was tragic, not just the Jews fought in WWII  -3:48 onwards
  • Jews interpreted her ” Jews get out of Israel and go to Poland” comments because of “their propaganda minds”, and their strategy to always play the victim to the exclusion of others “because it helps them”- 4:21
  • Israel was recognized by the US only after the Zionists started knocking down the door of Truman at 3AM – 5:40 onwards
  • She is “more semitic” than her (Jewish) critics – 7:00 onwards

She also seems to be unfamilar with cell phones (1:35), which should be inexcusable for a journalist, albeit one from the Stone Age.

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