Pro-Israel Blog-Off: Second Quarter Final

Here are the submissions for the first Quarter Final of the 2011 Pro-Israel Blog-Off.

Please click on each of the links to view them, and then vote for your favorite one in the poll.

You may only vote once (I will be monitoring the voting logs, so any irregularities will be dealt with).

Voting closes Sunday April 10th 11:59PM Israel time.

The final results (based on the reader votes and judges’ score) will be posted early next week.

Good luck!

CIF Watch: “Feared, Loathed, and Isolated.” An Open Letter to Peter Kosminsky

vs Islamist Peace.. Israeli Apartheid?


Which Is The Best Pro-Israel Post?

  • “Feared, Loathed, and Isolated.” An Open Letter to Peter Kosminsky (57%, 89 Votes)
  • Islamist Peace.. Israeli Apartheid? (43%, 68 Votes)

Total Voters: 157

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  • stv

    The second one was interesting but Cif Watch was punchy and to the point and I thought it was actually a really great responsive piece.
    It's exactly the sort of thing that people need to hear when confronted with these ingrained biases that prominent leftists seem to like to showcase so often in the modern media.

  • max

    Both good pieces, with "Islamist Peace" having the more universal message. CIF has the edge as regards the writing and, while the Culture Clash site has so much to offer, it's black background and animated gifs don't clash so much as assault one's aesthetic sensibilities.

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