Pro-Israel Blog-Off Final

This is it folks: The much awaited final of the 2011 Pro-Israel Blog-Off.

Please click on each of the links to view them, and then vote for your favorite one in the poll.

You may only vote once (I will be monitoring the voting logs, so any irregularities will be dealt with).

Voting closes Sunday June 19th 11:59PM Israel time.

The final results (based on the reader votes and judges’ score) will be posted early next week.

Good luck!

Elder of Ziyon: How to be a media-savvy advocate for Israel


Israel Muse: The Evolvement Of Zionism…And How The World Ignores It


Which Is The Best Pro-Israel Post?

  • The Evolvement Of Zionism...And How The World Ignores It (57%, 308 Votes)
  • How To Be a Media-Savvy Advocate For Israel (43%, 231 Votes)

Total Voters: 539

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About Aussie Dave

An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

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Facebook Comments

  • Silke

    why can't I vote?
    I see only the results of the previous votes.

    • israellycool

      A number of people have reported this problem. I have no idea what is causing it (the polls work for me), so my advice is first of all to try it using a different browser. If this doesn't work, wait a while and then try again. It seems to be a bit temperamental.

      • Yerushalimey

        Yes, Mozilla didn’t work for me, but Explorer did.

  • Silke

    and the link to Israel Muses post doesn't work (for me)

    • israellycool

      The link should work.

    • israellycool

      The link does work, so not sure what the issue is.

      • Silke

        when I tried again to vote the vote worked fine and so did the link – could the two be in collusion? ;-)

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  • Mike

    I find it quite strange that the 2 posts are really different. Audio lecture is much different from written blog and I find it hard to compare between the 2 medias…

    • israellycool

      It is already challenging, given both entries are of such high quality.

      As a reminder, the criteria you should consider per the rules are:

      Originality, relevance, accuracy, likely effectiveness in influencing public opinion on Israel

  • Mid

    I just tried voting again and it said it had mine…so all's well here! :) (firefox)

  • israellycool

    Why should I post a link to that site, and what does it have to do with this contest?!



    • israellycool

      Ummmm, ok…


    uri, io cerco di aiutarti in tutto. fammi sapere cosa posso fare per il tuo blog.

    con sincera amicizia

    • israellycool

      Io non parlare italiano. E il mio nome non è Uri

  • juvanya

    This is a tough call. I have good reasons to vote for either.

  • Zionist Shark

    Outstanding post by Israel Muse. While Elder's talk was excellent (I listened to the whole thing), I had two issues: 1) Given his exceptional work combating anti-Israel memes and myths, I was surprised that EoZ referred to Deir Yassin as a massacre, when there is much evidence to the contrary ( 2) As an audio-only post, it wasn't as visually delicious (by definition) on my computer screen. I likes me some pretty pictures. 8)

    That said, I know we're supposed to vote on an individual-post-vs.-individual-post basis, but while I'm fairly new to Israel Muse's impressive work, I've been reading EoZ daily (at least) for several years now, and I consider his blog to be a valuable resource: I’ve used info from many of his posts in the Israel-related classes I teach to middle and high-schoolers.

    In conclusion, just as the Evil Zionists compel their Zionist Death Attack AIDS Sex Zoo to do their evil bidding, and just as the Evil Jewish Israeli Zionist Lobby compels the U.S. Congress to give Bibi 29 standing ovations, I feel compelled to vote for EoZ.

    Hey, if the Evil Jewish Hollywood-controlling movie moguls can award Paul Newman the Best Actor Oscar for a film (The Color of Money) that didn’t showcase his best work (as an acknowledgement of the sum total of his brilliant film career), then so can I. EoZ FTW!

  • @WanderingBen

    Poll works in IE but not Chrome

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  • Naftali

    Does not work with either Safari or Firefox on a Mac.

  • Ben K.

    Dear blogger Israellycool:

    I have been reading your blogs. I would like to humbly ask you to add my blog to your list of bloggs. Here is the link:

    This is a blog about Israel, Iran, and the Middle Eastern affairs from a former IDF soldier who grew up in Iran and under teh Islamic teaching for thier school systems.

    I would also appreciate your point with regards to what to do make the blog better.

    Thank you

    Ben K. ESQ.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Here's one suggestion on how to make your blog better, Ben. Tell more lawyer jokes because, at the heart of everything, everyone really hates lawyers.

  • Arnie

    IE from work doesn’t allow me to vote. Mozilla from home doesn’t allow me to vote. Safari on my iphone allows me to vote, but the vote does not register: it has has been “loading” for the last half hour.

    Isn’t there a more robust platform for voting?

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  • sophie

    Is it just google chrome or is it just not possible to vote?

  • Craig

    Neither Chrome, Mozilla nor explorer will let me vote,
    If I had a polling system to compare it with I could have (Maybe) investigate what's wrong, I believe it's some JavaScript that is missing or not loading for some reason (Slow/Flooded server ). That's the best I can provide, sorry for not voting.

    • soloman4israel

      craig greetings,
      i had used explorer 9. to vote some time ago works fine as we can only vote once i cant swap to another browser to check to see if chrome or any others give any problems,could as you say be script.

  • PMiao

    I don't see anywhere to actually vote.

    • soloman4israel

      pmiamo greetings.
      each blog gives you a vote link,so read them and click link/vote via iscoooooool
      iv'e just had a quick look again i voted ages ago,but (muse has 4 links ok) (ziyon if you cant see link click left hand side large black letters ziyon) this takes you to last chance to vote link.
      hope this helps.

    • israellycool

      That is because the poll was closed by then.

  • ElderofZiyon

    I have this mental picture of the judges cursing me out for having to listen to me talk for 65 minutes….

    • JimfromIowa

      Picture me as Simon Cowell and your mental picture is fully realized.

    • Israel Muse

      LOL :)

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