Those Female Palestinian Prisoners


In the wake of the Gilad Shalit exchange deal, get used to photos like the following from the mainstream media.

Shahinaz, a sister of Palestinian female prisoner Fotnah Abo Aleish, holds a photo of Fotnah as she celebrates the prisoner swap deal between Hamas and Israel, in her home at the Askar refugee camp near the West Bank city of Nablus October 12, 2011. REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini

 Many people will wonder why on earth Israel would imprison palestinian women to begin with. The answer is these women are no Boy Scouts (or should that be Girl Guides?).

Below is a list of the female palestinian prisoners Israel has apparently agreed to release as part of the deal. I have added more information on those on whom I was able to find some.

1. Randa Muhammad Yusuf Shahatit

2. Abir Isa Amru

3. Iman Muhammad Gazzawi

Iman Razawi, a 23-year-old mother of two from Nablus, was apprehended with a white bag which contained a four kilogram explosive device. Israel Radio reported that the bomb was composed of 4 kilograms of explosives and was packed with nails and metal shards. After being arrested Razawi tried to throw the bag and escape, but she was immediately apprehended.

4. Amal Fayiz Jum’a Mahmud

Israeli security forces thwarted a suicide bombing planned for Tel Aviv when they arrested a Palestinian hermaphrodite armed with a 15-kilogram bomb in the West Bank, Palestinian sources said.

Amal Juma’a, 32, is a hermpahrodite who goes by the name Ahmed, Palestinian Authority sources told Army Radio. The report said the terror attack was planned for Monday.

5. Miryam Salim Tarabin

6. Abir Mahmud Hasan Awda

7. Fatin al-sa’di

8. Wafa Samir al-Bass

In the early morning hours of June 20, 2005, a 21-year-old Palestinian f em ale suicide bomber arrived at the Erez crossing in the Gaza Strip, wearing (extra) stockings that contained approximately 20 lbs. of explosives. The f em ale terrorist, who aroused the suspicion of the Israeli security forces, was taken to a security check during which the explosive stockings were uncovered. She att em pted several times to detonate herself at the crossing and, having been unsuccessful, was brought to questioning. 1 
The arrested suicide bomber is Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Bass, a resident of the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, born in 1984. In her questioning, she admitted to being affiliated with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (Fatah’s operative wing). She also stated that she had been dispatched by the organization’s infrastructure in the northern Gaza Strip to carry out a suicide bombing attack in an Israeli hospital, with the intention of killing Israeli civilians 2. In an interview granted to a Channel 10 reporter, Wafa al-Bass pointed out that ever since she was a little girl, her dream had been, and still was, to be a shahid (“martyr”) and die for Allah’s sake (Israeli TV’s Channel 10, June 20, 2005).

9. Abu Golmi Youssef Lanan

10. Sanabil Nabigh Yusuf Barik

11. Fatina Mustafa Khalil Abu Ayyash

12. A’isha Muhammad A’biyat

13. Hanan Ahmed Ali

14. Nasrin Abu Zina

15. Shalbi Hana

16. Kraja Samud

17. Pollshchuk Irina – Ukraine – 2002 – released

Some Russian women have ended up in Palestine because of circumstances worthy of a good adventure series. Such is the story of Irina Polishchuk, for example, who came to Israel in order to work in the world’s oldest profession. On the job itself, she met her future husband, a Palestinian by the name of Ibrahim Sarhana. It later turned out that Sarhana was a member of a terrorist group. That didn’t stop Irina, however. She not only chose to marry Sarhana and give birth to a child, but she also joined the same underground organization. The happy couple soon took part in a terrorist act by bringing a suicide bomber to the town of Rishon LeZion.

18. Issawi Abd Faiz Ibtisam

19. Sh’hadeh Muhammad Hussein Sana’a – Israel – 2002 – released

Sana'a Shahada

Three Israelis were killed and dozens wounded in this suicide bombing on King George Street in Jerusalem (March 21, 2002).
The two females who led the suicide bomber to the attack site: Kahira Sa’adi and Sana’a Shahada.

Sana’a Shahada, 27, from the Kalandia refugee camp, confessed during her questioning that she had been involved with Sa’adi in the infiltration of the suicide bomber. Shahada also revealed that she had been the girlfriend and facilitator of Nasser Shawish, a senior PIJ operative from Jenin, who had recently been arrested by the security forces. She admitted agreeing to his request that she infiltrate a suicide bomber into Jerusalem, revealing that they purchased a bouquet of flowers at the checkpoint at the city’s entrance, which bomber Hashaika held in order to blend in with the crowd on Mother’s Day. Furthermore, she stated that she walked 50 meters behind Sa’adi and Hashaika, because she was wearing traditional Arab garb and did not want to arouse suspicion.

20. Al-Saadi Said Ali Qahara

Kahira Sa'adi

Kahira Sa’adi, 26, from Al-Ram, is married and the mother of four children. She confessed during her questioning by the ISA that she had guided suicide bomber Muhammad Hashaika to Jerusalem. Sa’adi stated that Abdel Karim Ouweis, a senior Fatah operative in the West Bank who was arrested during operation Defensive Shield and whom she met in the Jenin refugee camp, asked her to exploit her western appearance to infiltrate a suicide bomber into Jerusalem. In addition, she confessed that after the King George attack she agreed to infiltrate another suicide bomber with a bigger bomb.

21. Jiwasi Ziyad Dawa’a Da'a Jiusi

Three Israelis were killed and 59 wounded in this suicide bombing of a Netanya marketplace (May 19, 2002).
The woman who led the suicide bomber to the attack site: Da’a Jiusi.

Da’a Jiusi, a 21-year-old student from Tulkarm, confessed during her ISA questioning that she had been asked by PFLP operatives from Nablus to guide the suicide bomber to the attack. Jiusi also stated that her controller had asked her if she would be willing to perpetrate the attack herself. She refused to sacrifice herself, but agreed to participate in the attack. She told her controller that she was familiar with Netanya, and especially its beach, which she would often visit before the intifada. Jiusi was asked to accompany the suicide bomber to the target and provide cover as an innocent-lookng couple.

On the day of the attack Jiusi entered the city wearing a tight white shirt and tight pants, as well as sunglasses. She carried a brown purse and her hair was tied with a ribbon. She further confessed that, prior to deciding to carry out the attack in the market, they had explored other options, such as the Netanya mall or the promenade area. Upon arriving at the entrance to the market, Jiusi exited the taxi and scanned the area on foot. She then returned, asked the driver to wait, and led the suicide bomber into the market. Jiusi asked the bomber to wait approximately five minutes before detonating the bomb he carried in his bag, so she could get away in the cab. Jiusi returned to the taxi and a few minutes later the explosion occurred.

22. Daragmeh Rawad Hussein Ruma

Rima Daraghmeh intended to carry out a suicide bombing and was caught with the explosives at home. She was also involved in enlisting the woman who carried out a suicide bombing in Afula in 2003

23. Latifa Muhammad Abu Dara’a – Nablus – 2003 – released

Early yesterday morning the suicide bomber, Suliman Abu Awis, a 20-year old resident of Balata refugee camp, and his accomplice Zaber Abu Saris, a 37-year old father of seven from Nablus, left Balata in order to carry out a suicide bombing. They were accompanied by Latifa Abu Dara, a 40-year old resident of Nablus and mother of seven. The woman accompanied the pair to create the impression that the suicide bomber was innocent and to facilitate easy passage to the target in Israel. This was based on the assumption of their dispatchers that women are less thoroughly checked.

The suicide bomber and his accomplice traveled in one vehicle, while Latifa drove a separate vehicle carrying a bag with an 8-kilogram explosive belt, which was intended for the suicide bomber. Later that day, Latifa who walked before the two, opened a path for the bomber and his counterpart, allowing them to pass through checkpoints. In the area of Kafr Kasem, Latifa placed the explosive belt on the bomber and then returned to Nablus

24. Tamimi Aref Ahmad Ahlam

Ahlam Tamimi

A 20-year-old student and journalist, originally from Jordan, Ahlam Tamimi has resided in Ramallah since 1998. In addition to leading suicide bomber Izzadin Masri to the attack, Tamimi collected intelligence information about the site beforehand. During her questioning by the ISA (Israel Security Agency), she stated that she had carried a camera with her and spoke in English with the suicide bomber, who carried a guitar case with the bomb inside, in order to appear as a tourist.

In addition, Tamimi was responsible for placing a bomb concealed in a can of beer in a Jerusalem supermarket on June 30, 2001, shortly after she was recruited by Hamas. During her questioning she admitted being aware that “she might have died as a martyr.”

25. Muna Jawad Ali Amna Mona Awana

High school student Ofir Rahum, 16, was lured to his death on January 17, 2001.
The woman who seduced and lured the teenage boy to his death: Mona Awana.

Mona Awana, 26, is a Fatah operative from Bir Naballah near Ramallah. She was involved in the kidnapping and murder of Ofir Rahum, 16, on January 17, 2001. Awana, an academic and journalist, was responsible for proposing to her friend, Hassan al-Kadi, a Tanzim operative in Ramallah, to kidnap an Israeli after making contact with him on the Internet. Awana made contact with the boy over the Internet and lured him into meeting with her, after which she led him to the scene of his murder.

26. Aliaa Muhammad Yhya Jaadallah Ja’abri

27. Ramyah Ratab Hassan Abu Samra

Update: In addition, the following female terrorists were released a few years ago for the Shalit video:

1. Ayat Kisi – Sentenced to one year and eight months for attempted murder. Original release date: November 18, 2009.

2. Rojena Riyad Mohammed Jinajira – Sentenced to three years for conspiracy and attempted murder. Original release date: June 9, 2011.

3. Rimat abu Ayisha – Sentenced to nine months for membership in a banned organization. Original release date: November 13, 2009.

4. Haba Assad Halil Alantasha – Sentenced to three years and four months for attempted murder. Original release date: March 03, 2011.

5. Samud Abdullah Halil – Sentenced to one year and eight months for attacking a soldier and possession of a knife with the intent to cause bodily harm. Original release date: December 15, 2009.

6. Mimouna Javrin – Detained without bail pending trial for attempted murder and possession of a weapon with the intent to cause bodily harm.

7. Jihad Abu-Turki – Sentenced to one year and three months for attempted murder and possession of a weapon with the intent to cause bodily harm. Original release date: May 24, 2011.

8. Barah Malki – Sentenced to eleven months for attempted murder and assault of a police officer in the line of duty. Original release date: November 11, 2009.

9. Lila Mohammed Tzalah al-Buhari – Sentenced to eight years and four months for attempted murder. Original release date: October 31, 2010.

10. Fatima Yunus al-Zak – Held without bail pending trial for charges of undergoing paramilitary training, attempted murder, and possession of a weapon.

11. Nifin Halil Abdallah Dak – sentenced to three and a half years for attempted murder. Original release date: January 01, 2010.

12. Kafah Bahash – Sentenced to a year and a half for assaulting a soldier. Original release date: July 02, 2010.

13. Linan Yusuf Abu Ghulma – Sentenced to six years for attempted murder and carrying a concealed weapon. Original release date: September 08, 2010.

14. Shirin Mohammed Hasan – Sentenced to three years and nine months for attempted murder. Original release date: March 04, 2010.

15. Sana’a Tzalah Hagargah – Sentenced to two years in prison for attempted murder and possession of a weapon. Original release date: August 05, 2010.

16. Sabeena Ziad Mohammed Manal – Sentenced to seven years for membership in a banned organization, conspiracy and attempted murder. Original release date: November 19, 2010.

17. Zahoor Abed Hamdan – Sentenced to eight years for attempted murder. Original release date: May 15, 2011.

18. Hiam Ahmed Yusuf Ba’id – Sentenced to three years and four months for membership in a banned organization. Original release date: May 07, 2010.

19. Nahad Farhat Daghra – Held without bail pending trial for assaulting a soldier and possession of a weapon.

20. Najuah Abed Alghani – Held without bail pending trial for membership in an illegal organization and disturbing the peace.

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