Next Year In Jerusalem

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Elder has posted a Christmas Card from Mohammad Shtayyeh, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah.

At Christmas, all roads lead to Jerusalem and Bethlehem Merry Christmas and Happy New Year hoping that next year we celebrate together in liberated Palestine

What better example of the created Palestinian identity with this piece of identity theft! For centuries, at least back as far as the middle ages, Jews have ended the Passover service with “Next Year in Jerusalem”. The standard prayer book has also contained a similar exultation.

Perhaps a reader can tell me exactly how long Jews have been yearning (in preserved written form) for “Next Year in Jerusalem” and then tell me when was the first time a “Palestinian” wrote “Next year in liberated Palestine”?

Update: From Elder of Zion via email comes this online link to a 1723 Haggadah. I’m sure we’ll find earlier.

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