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Saeb Erekat Points to Wrong Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Saeb doing his usual thing

Christmas Greetings, Palestinian Propaganda Style

They can't just wish people a Merry Christmas, can they?

For The Haters, ‘Tis the Season to Co-opt Christmas

Because they stoop this low

Fatah’s Insulting Christmas Message

They cannot even genuinely wish Christians a Merry Christmas without seeing it as a propaganda opportunity

WATCH: Bad Santa

As they do every year, the palestinians exploit Christmas to achieve their propaganda goals
In Bethlehem bus station man asks tourists to buy menorah or creche before Christmas holiday

Oh Bethlehem, Little Town of Bethlehem

How many will care about the sad state of the Little town of Bethlehem?

WATCH: Elon Gold On Fire With Holidays Humor

One of my favorite comedians in action

Christmas at Hebrew U: An Interesting Biproduct Of Freedom Of Religion In Israel

Students seem to be overly accomdating to point of neglecting Chanukah

WATCH: Binyamin Netanyahu’s Christmas Message

I don't know about you, but I think he sleighed it.

On The First Day Of Christmas Shirley Temper Said To Me

I guess it is no surprise that among all the instances of palestinians co-opting Christmas, Shirley Temper and gang would be involved

Palestinian Christmas Blood Libel: The Jews Shot Santa!

Pallywood, Christmas style

Why Jewish Israel Doesn’t Do Christmas

Not giving my kids presents, and dropping them at school on Christmas Day does not constitute child abuse.

(Palestinian) Santas Gone Wild

The claus are out


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