Poultry Accusations: Murder Most Fowl


Question: Why did the Egyptian chicken cross the road?

Answer: To escape the Zionist Death Goods.TM

An Egyptian Health Ministry official said that chemicals smuggled from Israel are infecting his country’s poultry with dangerous viruses, Ynet has learned Monday 

Osama Selim, the head of Egypt’s veterinary authority, has called on the People’s Assembly to press the local poultry growers’ association to fight the use of illegally imported vaccinations and blood serum, which he claimed are exposing the poultry to disease and threaten public health. He added that he does not rule out the possibility of a biological war with the Jewish state.

Dr. Suhair Hassan, a preventive veterinary medicine official, told the assembly’s Health Committee on Sunday that a study conducted at some 200 farms found that 75% percent of poultry were treated with Israeli products, which often cause them to contract viral diseases and the bird flu. In some cases the chemicals lowered egg production or caused the animals to die.

But poultry is not the only target of Israeli sabotage, sources in Egypt claim.

A television show called “The Truth,” broadcast on the Darim channel, launched a media campaign earlier this month aiming to prevent the entrance of Israeli products to Sinai after learning that they “cause cancer and infertility.”

Several of the “offending” products featured over the course of the show included chocolate, coffee, biscuits and yoghurt. All of these goods are commonly smuggled through the border crossings.

 Clearly, our Zionist Death products have given the Egyptians bird brains.

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