Israel Saving The World Again


Via Ynet

Three people were killed and over 50 were hurt Wednesday, when a four-storey shopping mall in Accra, the capital of Ghana, collapsed.

Israel offered to help with the search, rescue and recovery efforts and an IAF plane carrying a Home Front Command team left for Accra on Wednesday afternoon.

The team consists of medical personnel, engineers and communication experts who will assist local authorities with all they need.

Magen David Adom also offered assistance and an MDA team will fly to Ghana on Thursday. The mission will include doctors, paramedics and emergency medical technicians who will set up a field hospital to assist Accra’s own medical personnel.

The IDF blog adds:

An IDF Home Front Command delegation, consisting of experts in different fields, has departed from the Nevatim air force base for Accra, the capital of Ghana, in order to assist in the relief effort following the collapse of a multi-storey building.

Heading the delegation is Colonel Ramtin Sevti, Commander of the IDF Home Front Command Search and Rescue Unit. The delegation will include a team of experts as well as equipment specifically designed to rescue people trapped under ruins.

Over the years, the Home Front Command has operated in various massive disaster locations around the world and has developed a high level of technological skills. The Home Front Command personnel have acquired vast experience in handling crisis zones and lead in their ability to assist in grieve stricken areas.

Israel; helping the world since forever.

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