TV Station Was A Legitimate Target

This fine man was a “TV Journalist” until Israel sent him to meet his 72 virgins

What would you say if Israel issued the following statement after bombing a building that Al Aqsa TV  (Hamas’s propaganda arm) shared with the rest of the world’s media:

‘This is a war, this is a serious conflict, untold horrors are being done. The propaganda machine is prolonging the war and it’s a legitimate target.’

Well Israel didn’t issue such a statement. That statement came from the UK’s Secretary of State for International Development in 1999, Clare Short, and referred to the bombing of a Serbian TV stations that was described by the Guardian:

Reporters at the scene said they saw the almost decapitated body of one man dangling from the rubble, and the body of a make-up artist. Another man was trapped between two concrete blocks. Doctors amputated his legs at the site but he later died.

I’m sure the make-up artist posed and especially dangerous threat.

You can read the article in the Guardian that this all comes from here.

Probably worth bearing in mind before you read the breathless NYT condemnation from start to finish of Israel’s unbelievably delicate targeting of the equipment and operatives of Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV. Here’s a link to Elder of Zion’s takedown of the New York Times article.

Big h/t to Mark Jacobs on twitter.

Hamas TV Van (h/t Dan for shaky hand drawing)

[Post updated 27/11/2012 to correct error with Clare Short’s position]

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  • sams

    IDF, the best Virgin express service this side of the Desert !

    The Daily Beast had a “Bomb the Press” headline that was so dumb they were dissapointed they didn’t find any dead bodies.

    Journalists are now spoiled children that think they have special protection or something.

  • Norman B.

    Carr and others of his ilk are part of the problem. If Jews are going to live in fear, they must be made to live in fear.

    • Jim from Iowa

      David Carr is definitely a problem. And he and the NY Times are responsible for what they say and do. By Carr’s own admission, he frequently says provocative things just to get a rise out of people. I stopped listening to him or reading what he has to say on any subject a long time ago for this reason.

      • Norman B.

        The problem here is that they give the 1st Amendment a bad name.

        • mzk1

          Ah, but if corporations have no rights, then the New York Times Corporation is not covered by the first amendment.

          • Norman B.

            I used the plural, referring to the Times’s employees.

            • mzk1

              Oh, it wasn’t aimed at you. But it’s the corporation that does the publishing, not the reporters. This is no different than Citizen’s United putting out a film or a self-insuring corporation that doesn’t want to cover IUD’s.

  • Stephen Franklin

    Good article but a small correction. Clare Short was never a defence minister. In 1999 she was the British Secretary of State for International Development.

    • Brian of London

      Fixed, good catch, thanks.

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  • juvanya

    Please dont make fake pictures of TV like that. I already have a guy accusing Zionists of faking those pictures and saying that the collaborator death pictures were done by Israel, even tho it was published in Arab media.

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