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Personally Speaking: The Maccabees and Me

What Chanukah and the Maccabees mean to Dave Bender

Breaking My Silence, Breaking to the Right

Former IDF soldier CptRight explains why he is so pessimistic about peace with the Palestinians in the near future and why he is so skeptical and distrustful of the international community.

WATCH: Palestinian Press Interfering in IDF Activities

A palestinian journalist by the name of Bilal Altaweel has taken some revealing footage

Photo of the Day: Lollypop-Washing Edition

Most moral army in the world

The Bizarre Case of the Zionist Hipster

In a 2016 article entitled The American Dream is Killing Us, the following photo is used to depict a young hipster or millennial in bad financial shape

Blood Libel: The IDF Soldier & The Bleeding Boy

The following photo, supposedly of an IDF soldier brutalizing a poor palestinian, has been doing the rounds for a while now

WATCH: Foreign Soldiers in Israel Try Hummus for First Time

These soldiers from around the world took a break from the joint naval exercise in Israel to taste hummus for the first time

Haters’ Heads to Implode in 5, 4, 3….

Photo of the day

WATCH: US Soldiers React to Israeli Snacks

Because the thoughts of our allies on such crucial topics are important to us.

IDF Trolls the London Labour Party

The IDF has posted this greeting for Jews Christians and Druze. Notice anything?

IDF Responds To Declaration of War With Amazing Restraint

Following last night's rocket attack on Tel Aviv (population of approx. 444,000, including tens of thousands of Arabs), the IDF has responded by striking Gazan targets.

The IDF Does Separated at Birth

The IDF is frequently called the most moral army in the world. I'd argue they are also the funniest.

Haters Fall For Obviously Fake “IDF Testimony” Video

Another example of the kinds of lies disseminated by the haters, and how easily their fellow haters will gobble them up


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