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Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day

An Israel-hater has tweeted out the following video, claiming "Palestinians don't have weapons, but they are much better and braver than these cowardly soldier's who carry weapons."

Kotaku, Publishing Dangerous Lies About Israel is No Game

What business should a popular video game news and review site have commenting on the Arab-Israel conflict?

IDF Spokesperson Social Media Team’s Crushing Response

The IDF spox social media team enters the Corona Crush

Israeli Teen Superstar Noa Kirel Proud to Join IDF

Many of you would not have heard of her, but Noa Kirel is to be commended for understanding what it is to be a true role model.

IDF Officers Get a Pasting Over Operation Tehina

Senior IDF officers were harshly punished for ordering unnecessary missions by a palestinian agent and later lying about it. The operations: buying tubs of tehina in the 'West Bank'

Personally Speaking: The Maccabees and Me

What Chanukah and the Maccabees mean to Dave Bender

Breaking My Silence, Breaking to the Right

Former IDF soldier CptRight explains why he is so pessimistic about peace with the Palestinians in the near future and why he is so skeptical and distrustful of the international community.

WATCH: Palestinian Press Interfering in IDF Activities

A palestinian journalist by the name of Bilal Altaweel has taken some revealing footage

Photo of the Day: Lollypop-Washing Edition

Most moral army in the world

The Bizarre Case of the Zionist Hipster

In a 2016 article entitled The American Dream is Killing Us, the following photo is used to depict a young hipster or millennial in bad financial shape

Blood Libel: The IDF Soldier & The Bleeding Boy

The following photo, supposedly of an IDF soldier brutalizing a poor palestinian, has been doing the rounds for a while now

WATCH: Foreign Soldiers in Israel Try Hummus for First Time

These soldiers from around the world took a break from the joint naval exercise in Israel to taste hummus for the first time

Haters’ Heads to Implode in 5, 4, 3….

Photo of the day


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