Tzipi Livni’s Movement

Yesterday, Tzipi Livni,  coffee maker honey trap spy the former Kadima leader, formed a new political party called The Movement.

Yep, The Movement.

While I’m sure Tzipi is flushed with pride at creating yet another political party, I’m guessing this one is going down the toilet.

And yeah, I know I’m being feces-tious, but it was too hard to resist.

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  • JF

    She’s apparently renaming it the Tzipi Livni party.

    Which is at least accurate.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I love Tzipi Livni. Laugh it up now, funny man. Maybe not this round, but some day soon you’ll be with her. Some day soon.

    • mzk1

      Tell her I like iced coffee.

      She’ll undoubtedly make a coalition with Shas. Just you wait.

  • Travis

    Zippadeedooda Lvini – another in a long list of failed Israeli politicians who just will not go away.

  • Norman B.

    For a new movement, try prune juice.

  • juvanya

    Didnt she say she was tired with politics a few months ago? Her pictures always look like she is tired of life. What anyone sees in her is beyond me. At least Yachimovich stands for something.

    This might only be good for the right. With the centre and left split between more and more parties while the right is Likuding (consolidating).

    • juvanya

      However, the electoral math may slightly disagree. There are times when splitting a party will gain more seats because of rounding.

  • juvanya

    Shame on me for not maintaining my Elections Israel blog. I could have a large readership by now. oh well

    • Jim from Iowa

      Consider yourself lucky that anyone even reads your comments. A blog featuring pictures of adorable kitty cats and puppy dogs — now that’s a winner!

      • juvanya

        And here I was considering giving you a guest post… Not anymore!

    • mzk1

      See He’s got all of the polls.

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