Reasons To Support A Palestinian State: Passion For Art

#1010: Palestinians are very passionate about art, especially hand painting

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  • Inessa

    I know that it’s a reminder that we’re supposed negotiate with people who have acted like bloodthirsty barbarians, but displaying this photo to evoke humour, seems like crossing a line, to me. Just my opinion.

    • Aussie Dave

      I respect your opinion but the point is not to evoke humor. The point is to remind everyone how the palestinians get a free pass from all and sundry – whether it be the mainstream media or international community – despite committing horrendous crimes.

      True, this is satire, and there is a humorous component, but I believe it is effective in getting the point across. It is jarring, to say the least, and I want it to get people thinking. If I have failed, I apologize.

    • Brian of London

      You raise a point that will be debated forever (I hope) because it needs to be reviewed often.

      This one certainly is edgy but I, personally, like the discordant note it brings to this series which wakes people up.

      Giving these people, who refuse to renounce this behaviour, any part of Jewish Israel is a mistake.

      I know someone who did her army service in the very building where this event happened. It used to be an IDF building.

    • mzk1

      I think the term is “bitter irony”. Jews have been doing this for a long time.

  • sams

    You could say that the picture is too tragic to be used, but I guess that the purpose of Humor is to make people laugh so you can sucker punch them with Reality when they don’t expect it

    The fact that this was really tragic is a reason why we should remember people of it.

  • Jim from Iowa

    The Palestinians haven’t been very good neighbors. Well, duh. I get it, already. While it’s important to remind everyone of this, it’s more important to know what you’re going to do about this shared history in the future. I’d rather light a candle (Hanakkah, get it?) than curse the darkness. But don’t you have any “Separated at Birth” posts coming up instead of more of this stuff?

    • sams

      “it’s more important to know what you’re going to do about this shared history in the future”

      Why can’t it be an unshared story like the ones in the Thora ? Jewish vanquish their enemies, make Maccabeat songs about it and the enemies lose the desire to attack and the memory of the event.

      Side by side cozy cohabitation with a Palestinian state is a pipe dream, they can be as hateful as they want provided that they don’t fire rockets. Why should Israel suck up to people that Hate them ?

  • Inessa

    I should mention that my husband served his miluim in Ramallah. This photo is just so upsetting, and given the majority of readers of the blog, it’s not shocking the people whereby it would make a difference. I would hazard a guess that for most of your readers/ contributors rather than a reminder of the depravity of the barbaric murderers, and what they get away with, time and time again, it’s a reminder of the heart wrenching loss, the cost of every precious life, that they celebrate without remorse. It is jarring, but more than that, the one thing that sustains Israelis is the hope that somehow it will be alright, and this photo lets the hopelessness in. Yes they get away with it, and this photo is a symbol that they won’t change. Those soldiers paid with their lives for losing direction. How can you win if they love death more than we love life?

    • Aussie Dave

      If I felt this way, I wouldn’t bother with this blog at all. Even if one person is influenced by our posts in a positive way, it is worth it for me. And I truly believe we go beyond mere preaching to the choir.

    • Aussie Dave

      I should also mention I am sorry if this photo upset you or your husband. It is not my intention to upset anyone, except the Israel and Jew haters.

      • Inessa

        No harm done. It hasn’t upset me on a personal level, it just always evokes an emotional response with revulsion. Of course I don’t feel hopeless overall, but that image particularly reminds me that there is a small chance that they have no humanity left, which is chilling. It’s a photo of an ordinary looking man, but really, he can’t be considered human. I hope I’m explaining myself. My husband is not particularly upset by it, as far as i know. You’re not preaching to the converted, it’s just that there aren’t many Israel or Jew haters among your readers. All the same, great job with your blog. If only logic and facts could always be counted on to triumph….

    • mzk1

      Ideally by giving them what they want.

      But since we can’t, we depend on the resolution and Divine help that got us through the last 4000 years.

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