Ilan Ramon’s Last Television Interview

Ten years ago to the day was the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, which claimed the life of Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut, as well as six others.

Here is Ilan Ramon’s last television interview.

Note in particular what he says at 3:25-3:42.

One loss of a mensch. One huge loss for mankind.

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  • cba

    “Note in particular what he says at 3:25-3:42″

    The reaction of my father, z”l, when he heard the news, was “This was the only good news we had right now, and it’s been destroyed.”

  • tom

    Interesting indeed.

    I just remember snowboarding down a hill on that day and someone called my up and said: “the spaceship is burning! they are all dying!”
    I didn’t realize what has happened only after I got home and turned on the news.

    His yahrzeit (remembrance day) is 29th Shvat, this year on the 9th of February.


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