Israel Deals With Sudanese Infiltrators

locusts1Israel can now be accused of ethnic insect cleansing, with Israeli media reporting that pesticides killed 90% of the locusts that made it into Israel from Egypt after originating from Sudan.

No word yet on whether we harvested their organs, or more to the point, whether they even have organs to begin with.

The remaining locusts will either be targeted by a Mossad hit squad, or eaten by Israelis.

Stir fried locusts in orange sauce, anyone?

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  • tom

    That’s why Hashem made them fly away in the plague in Egypt, so the Egyptians would get “free food” after the arbe (locusts) ate all the remains from the plague of hail.

    bon apétit!

  • tom

    *that’s a wouldn’t right there.

  • anneinpt

    At least one of those locusts mad its way all the way to Petach Tikva and landed on my friend’s balcony. Eww! ..Shudder..

    We will not be eating it for Shabbat lunch.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Yeah those aren’t ‘rice crispies’ in that Elite Crunch Bar.

    • Yuval


  • alain

    well, the Israeli government wouldn`t agree to let more Thai workers in for the agriculture, so we got Sudanese flocks instead

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