Blazing Saddles On Broadway?

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blazing saddlesExciting news.

Mel Brooks is en route to taking over Broadway.

The Jewish funnyman revealed in an interview yesterday that a Broadway adaption of his 1974 Western comedy, “Blazing Saddles,” is in the works.

“Well ‘Blazing Saddles’ is almost there. I get the feeling that if I could find the time to write three or four more songs, it could be a bold and crazy musical,” Brooks told The Wrap.

Brooks, 86, said he has no intentions of retiring any time soon, and has hinted in previous interviews that he’s working on a “Blazing Saddles” show. Last year, Brooks told Broadway Worldhe was “thinking” about it.

“A lot of it is musical already. It has a rather fanciful and fantastic tone to it. and now that Django Unchained has literally used the N word, I think I’m in the clear. I don’t look so bad. He really used that word a lot,” he noted.

I’d see a Blazing Saddles Broadway show in a heartbeat. But I’d rather method acting was not employed for this scene.

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