Blazing Saddles On Broadway?

blazing saddlesExciting news.

Mel Brooks is en route to taking over Broadway.

The Jewish funnyman revealed in an interview yesterday that a Broadway adaption of his 1974 Western comedy, “Blazing Saddles,” is in the works.

“Well ‘Blazing Saddles’ is almost there. I get the feeling that if I could find the time to write three or four more songs, it could be a bold and crazy musical,” Brooks told The Wrap.

Brooks, 86, said he has no intentions of retiring any time soon, and has hinted in previous interviews that he’s working on a “Blazing Saddles” show. Last year, Brooks told Broadway Worldhe was “thinking” about it.

“A lot of it is musical already. It has a rather fanciful and fantastic tone to it. and now that Django Unchained has literally used the N word, I think I’m in the clear. I don’t look so bad. He really used that word a lot,” he noted.

I’d see a Blazing Saddles Broadway show in a heartbeat. But I’d rather method acting was not employed for this scene.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Now the simple folk, the common clave of the new west, the citizens of that dusty little town of Rock Ridge will now be able to sing and dance in a big Broadway musical. Long live Mel Brooks!

  • walt kovacs

    young frankenstein didnt work on broadway

    im glad that mel is still working, but revamping your movies for the stage is kind of a cheat

    and i still prefer the movie version of the producers to the stage version….hitler as a free love hippie is funny…hitler as a queen is not

    and no one can top zero….no one

    however, a live version of the campfire scene would be pretty funny to watch

  • Travis

    The Producers (1968) was one of the funniest movies ever. The Broadway Show (which I saw a couple of weeks before 9/11) was way overrated.

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