Anti-Israel Hackers Get Preemptively Hacked (Updated)


Tomorrow is the #OPIsrael event, where a group of rabid antisemites and Israel haters attempt to “wipe Jews off the internet.” And while reporting their FB page to Facebook does not seem to have worked, a group of Israeli hackers have actually hacked the main OpIsrael webpage!

[Click image to enlarge]


At the time of this post, Hatikvah is also playing on the site!

Meanwhile, my previous post on the subject has drawn the attention of the hackers.
Update: Many are claiming this was not the hackers’ site, but just a site set up by pro-Israel people. My response to this claim is this from March 16th:

The promised attack on Israel that will take place on the 7th of April is spreading fast. Participants and supporters of the operation can now find the operation online at

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