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Sharon Stone is currently in Israel for the 2013 Israeli Presidential Conference I will be attending tomorrow and Thursday.

An Israeli man happened to be walking in Tel Aviv with his Basic Instinct t-shirt when..



Via Facebook.

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Facebook Comments

  • Real Jstreets

    Really, not a set up? And where does she think she is dressed all covered up like that, in Jerusalem?

    • Jim from Iowa

      Yea, it’s summer there, too, right? I’d be in a tank top, shorts and flip flops and my Ray Bans. That would be my basic instinct.

  • Norman B.

    At least in the t-shirt, her legs remain crossed.

  • walt kovacs

    are we sure this isnt photoshopped? cuz i have never in my life seen anyone wear a basic instinct t-shirt

  • jason

    ahann..she look beautiful.

  • AlisonH

    Sorry, Sharon, but did you borrow your grandmother’s curtains to make that dress? You’re in Israel not Tehran, dear!

  • Dorith

    Photoshop…. Where is her arm?
    Where her arm should be, one can see a piece of the shutter.

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