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I do not know this man, but I would like to.

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  • George baker

    Common sense? Your information is incorrect and you need to invest in a few speech classes. Your speaking ability is worst than Magic Johnson when he had the ‘Magic Hour’ show. The ‘Israel’ people (Israeli people) are interning Africans yet you defend the Israelis. Nice to see there are Uncle Toms in 2013.

    • babawawa

      Nothing you just said made sense. Every nation has the right to intern people who have entered the country illegally, whatever color they are, whatever state the originate from. Uncle Tom? Wow, haven’t heard that phrase in quite some time. All smoke screens so you don’t have to deal with what he says – which is the truth.

    • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

      Sorry, but your idiotic canards are very close to “not even wrong”.

    • Sunshine

      George: Check out the new Miss Israel 2013, she’s Ethiopian…

  • George baker


    • Mohammed The TeddyBear

      A cryin’ shame your correction doesn’t add to the already negative truth-quotient of your initial fact-free comment, eh, lad?

  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    Stay sharp, my friends. A lot of “George bakers” will come to talk crap about Israel.

  • George baker

    So Israel is not interning Africans? I’m making it up?

    • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

      Not because THEY’RE AFRICANS: because THEY’RE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Just like any other country in the world that deals with illegal immigration.
      Why do I even need to explain it?

  • George baker

    Does Israel intern illegal immigrants from Eastern European countries and any where else or is this only saved for Africans?

    • arielbenjamin

      It’s nice that you’re concerned for the African refugees but I think you’ve gotten some bad info. Did you know that during the war in Sudan the closest city where the Sudanese Liberation Army could keep a safe HQ office was in Tel-Aviv? While the rest of the world watched the atrocities of Darfur in horror, the Arab league assured Omar Bashir that he could move safely through all their countries, and that he need not worry about the international warrant against him. The mainstream Arab attitude toward Africans was so violently contemptuous that thousands of refugees made Israel their goal. Those unfortunate enough to encounter Egyptian police on their way got physically beaten, and worse.

      They headed for Israel not in expectation of fine lodgings, but simply to reach the nearest culture where they wouldn’t be beaten or killed. You don’t have to take my word for the fact that Israel presents the friendliest culture to African migrants–they have voted with their feet and you can see where they chose to go, despite the hardships of the journey. I wouldn’t want to live in a migrant camp, but it’s an undeniable fact that even migrant camp life in Israel is a better deal than anything these migrants could get in the Arab world.

      So the bottom line is that Israel haters looking for areas in which to criticize the Israelis should *definitlely* look further than Israel’s treatment of Africans! As difficult as refugee life is, no other country has been friendlier. Israel’s enemies, on the other hand, have presented the African refugee with a united front of lethal brutality.

      • WestwardHo

        So the bottom line is that Israel haters looking for areas in which to criticize the Israelis

        See, *that’s* the really interesting phenomenon our friend here represents.

        So what does George get that he needs so badly? Poor George feels expiated of something as he “condemns” his imagined Israel. And what is that something?

        He even is always – as your statement casually notes – looking for areas in which to criticize the Israelis – any excuse to feed that hunger, so driven is he by the ever near whip which his moral fantasy politics briefly staves off. Good luck, George.

  • Travis

    CAIR has monitors all over the place and they have their minions such as the prick George baker troll pro Israel sites.

  • Allahisgreat

    Hey George

    What’s the Arab word for African again?

    Oh that’s right. ITS SLAVE

    Womder who’s paying George’s gas bill. My money’s on some corrupt European NGO. Who pays these NGOs that lie and disparage the Jewish State? Why the same European countries deporting, allowing to be killed crossing the Med, or interning in the multi thousand and treating VERY badly these illegal mainly African immigrants

    Look squirrel eh George? Nice deflection Pally

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    The War of Independence in 1948 and the Six-Day War in 1967 were indeed both won by the Israelis, but they were not aggressive wars of conquest; they were wars of survival for the Israelis. If the government of Israel considered the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) to be an integral part of the state of Israel, they would have annexed this territory long ago. But instead, the current and long-standing policy of the Jewish state is to resolve the disposition of the West Bank peacefully, through a negotiated settlement with the Palestinians, leading to a two-state solution. The speaker kind of missed these important points.

    • Inessa

      He did address those points, just not as per Obama/ Kerry narrative. He points out that land fought over and won in war, does not get handed over on a platter too the loser anywhere any time. He also points out that the Palestenians were never so interested in this particular area prior to ’67 and weren’t really interested in developing the land prior to ’48, proving very succinctly that the fight is not about land, it’s about destroying Israel.

      • Jim_from_Iowa

        He failed to point out what the official Israeli government position is on the status of the West Bank as disputed territory, the disposition of which is subject to a peaceful negotiated settlement between Israelis and Palestinians leading to a two-state solution. He also failed to note that official Israeli policy does not recognize an objective of past wars with the Arabs as the conquest of land. Israelis rightly point out that these were defensive wars for the survival of Israel. These are two rather significant points he left out. How can you effectively advocate for Israel if you don’t even know what official Israeli policy is on such matters?

        • Eric

          He may or may not know what Israel’s official policy is. My bet is he could care less and would throw down with Israelis that would entertain engaging in the “peace process” as well. He’s saying his opinion based on the facts of the conflict not on Israeli diplomatic policy.

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  • Rachamim Dwek

    George Baker: Interred? They merely have to sleep in hotel-like rooms so that Immigration can better monitor their cases. During the day they go whereever they want. As for “Eastern Europeans ” if we have a few thousand Rumanians walk over pur border I will get back to you. Until then?

    Your country of residence places immigration violators in prison, sometimes for years and most inmates on immigration-related charges happen to be people of colour. You must be doing a hell of alot to better their lot- but wait, no Jews to rag on there so I guess not.

    Israel is predominantly a nation of people of colour. 60% are Mizrachim like myself, and 10% are Jews that in your nation would be labeled “black.” In Israel though we dont have your hangups. We arent obsessed with melanin and other biological issues.

    The problem with illegal Immigrants from Africa has nothing to do with race. It is a legal and social issue devoid of the mental baggage that Americans like you tend to carry night and day. Wake up George, the rest of the world is NOT America.