Bugs Bunny, Jew?

According to a British cinematic historian, the answer is “Yes.”

Bugs-BunnyBugs Bunny, the world’s most famous rabbit, is Jewish, a renowned British cinematic historian claims.

Revealing his findings at a lecture held recently at Britain’s University of Warwick, Israeli daily newspaper Ma’ariv reported the film expert David Yehuda Stern claimed the cartoon character exhibits tell-tale Jewish traits: He lives in a Jewish neighborhood, has a distinctly New York/Jewish accent and uses witty repartee to side-step all attempts to eliminate him.

Stern, who studied thousands of animated shorts featuring the rabbit, delved deep and found an episode in which Bugs Bunny’s early life in a New York neighborhood is portrayed. Stern revealed that the rabbit’s childhood panorama is alive with an array of Eastern European Jewish types, including ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Lending credence to the theory of Jewish inspiration behind Bugs Bunny, Stern noted in his lecture that the both the cartoon’s producer and the character’s voice actor, Leon Schlesinger and Mel Blanc, were Jews.

But I think there is plenty of evidence he is not Jewish.

  • He would not be saying “What’s up doc?” Rather, people would likely be saying that to him.
  • He is best friends with a pig
  • He eats carrots without gefilte fish underneath

Update: Someone’s not happy.

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  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    By the way, the idiot Gilad Atzmon made a fuss about this. He thinks this means some kind of “Zionist manipulation of the masses”, for some reason or another.
    I think Mr. Atzmon needs medication. Urgently.

  • A F

    It is quite common to see essays and articles saying x fictional character, TV show, or movie is Jewish or contains Jewish themes.

    I have seen people say the following are Jewish: Superman, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and others.

    Its funny though that someone can get upset over discussion of a fictional character.

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    I recently learned that, according to Fox News, Santa Claus is white. Now I learn that Bugs Bunny is Jewish. It would be logical to conclude that Yosemite Sam is therefore an anti-Semite and probably a member of the NRA.

  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    Yeah. And, according to that dimwit news anchor, Jesus of Nazareth was also white (!).
    That’s what happens when you fail history and social studies forever.

  • Allahisgreat

    And Mario the mainly Muslim Palestinians claim he’s one of them Which is a neat TRICK seeing as the REGION of Palestine didn’t exist till over 100 yrs after he DIED And of course the COUNTRY of Palestine has NEVER existed in the history of the world

  • Edward

    Bugs Bunny is also a New Yorker.

    Carrots are Kosher.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    You would think the nazis would be cheering. Bugs is also a cross dresser and vaguely bisexual.

  • http://hertzlinger.blogspot.com Joseph Hertzlinger

    Is Daffy Jewish?