“Blocks Of Antisemitism”

Following on from Brian’s previous post, here is an alternative response to the St James Church “Wall,” written by Kay Wilson, who two years ago was brutally stabbed by palestinians in an attack that killed her friend, Kristine Luken.

Kay Wilson and the parents of murdered Kristine planting a tree at the murder site - Photo Credit: Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson and the parents of murdered Kristine planting a tree at the murder site – Photo Credit: Kay Wilson

An open letter from Kay Wilson to St James Church, Piccadilly, England

A true story…..

“And it came to pass that in December 2010, two Palestinian shepherds left their little town near Bethlehem and set out to walk ten miles across the Judean Hills. There in the forest, they kept watch by night. The following day, at about the 6th hour (3pm) the shepherds saw two women walking along the Israel National Trail. With great fervour they took out their knives and attacked the women.

While shepherds held the girls that day and pinned them to the ground, their serrated blades glinted in the sun, shining all around. With knives to their throats, the women dare not move.
‘Fear not,’ said the men – for mighty dread had seized the women’s troubled minds – ‘we bring you good news that will cause great joy for our people.’ What could these glad tidings be? Rape, a robbery, a beating? Anything was better than death the women pondered in their hearts.

And it came to pass that near the seventh hour, the shepherds said, ‘behold’, let us go forth and kill these Jews like Allah has told us to do.’

The shepherds gagged the women, removed their shoes and bound their hands. They forced one woman to her knees, covered her head and pushed her neck forward. The woman knelt, and prepared herself to be beheaded. Suddenly she saw a great light – the blade of his knife glinting in the sun. The Jewish woman whispered, ‘Hear Oh Israel.’ The Islamic host cried, ‘Allah HuAkbar,’ and the Christian screamed “Jesus,” the name of a Jew born in David’s town.

Thirteen times the shepherds thrust their knives into the women, breaking bones, tearing flesh, even impaling one to the ground. As the Jew played dead, she watched the Christian friend hacked to death before her very eyes.

The shepherds returned home glorifying and praising Allah for all that they had seen and spread the word concerning what had they had done. ‘Today near the town of David two Jews have been slaughtered,’ they declared. They plotted and schemed, boasting to their neighbours, ‘this will be a sign, they will find two of their own, all meanly wrapped in bloody clothes and in the bushes laid.’ And everyone who heard of it, was amazed.”

I have given much thought to the events of that terrible day, that culminated in my near murder and the execution of my friend. I believe that I of all people could be forgiven for hating Palestinians. I believe too that I could be forgiven for thinking all Palestinians are terrorists. I do not. On the contrary I have maintained relationships with my Palestinian friends, so that my ignorance will not give me reason to hate. I hate hatred. It is your hatred, in the form of a Christmas stunt, that has compelled me to write.

I would like to think that as Christians, you would never condone Kristine Luken’s heinous murder or the attack on myself. I suspect however that you may rationalise this savagery as an inevitable result of the “Israeli occupation.”

You would probably suggest that the Palestinians who murdered my friend were themselves victims who grew up in depravity. I would concur but would point out that if poverty was the case, the aristocrats who flew into the twin towers had no reason to commit their crimes.

The Palestinian terrorists were indeed victims, victims of a radical and primitive Islamic regime that force feeds them a morally malnourished diet of hatred of Jews and hatred of any life – including their own. They were also deprived: deprived of an education that cherishes culture, history, literature, art and the dignity of difference. Their impoverished morality coupled with ignorant generalisations is what enabled two men to butcher defenceless women without so much as blinking an eye.

Your “wall” that you have erected outside your church, is hopefully just a result of your own ignorance and generalisations concerning the complex situation here in the Middle East. Nevertheless, like all walls, it serves as a facade and a barrier.

If your wall was scrutinised, one would see that underneath the whitewashed surface that concerns itself with Israeli policies, there are blocks of anti-Semitism. These bricks stand high. They raise expectations from an entire people group. This wall precedes to separate the nation of Israel as non-desirable.

Your wall is cemented together by a superior theology that tells it’s people that G-d gave up on the Jews. This is the same theology that lies behind radical Islam. G-d tried the Jews, then the Christians but ultimately it was the Muslims who He ultimately chose.

Your wall, is just one brick in a global wall of an Islamic agenda, an agenda that will stop at nothing until the destruction of the Jewish State. To your own cultural detriment, it is a wall that obstructs truth and ultimately seeks not only to destroy Israel but every Judeo-Christian society.

Your wall inflames an ancient conflict that for those like myself, who live in this region, long not for an exacerbation in hatred but for a quenching of hostilities.

Your wall is an affront to Kristine Luken and other victims of terror who may well have been alive today had there have been a wall erected on the other 90% of land that separates us from our Palestinian neighbours.

Your wall is an injustice to Christians living under Muslim despotism. Ironically it is the State of Israel, that you deem pariah and unjust, that is unique in the Middle East because unlike all of our neighbours, our Christian population is flourishing and our Christians have full religious rights.

Please write on your wall, under the cross, now obscured by the crescent…. “R.I.P Kristine Luken.”


Kay Wilson

Update: Kay has indicated she would be willing to fly to London at very short notice and present her letter to St James Church in Piccadilly. She would also like to write the name of her murdered friend on their replica wall.

Please share this if you think it can reach someone with the finances and will to make this happen very quickly.

kay wilson

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  • cba

    That’s a wonderful letter from Kay Wilson.

    Is it available online anywhere else?

    • http://www.israellycool.com/author/brianoflondon/ Brian of London

      Israellycool is the first blog to publish it in full.

      • https://jewsdownunder.wordpress.com/ Shirl in Oz

        I have seen the letter elsewhere today, but no idea where.

  • cba

    I hope somebody does write “R.I.P. Kristine Luken” on the wall.

    And maybe a few hundred other RIPs.

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  • Aryeh

    As long as Jews will call the Arab invaders Palestinians they will not overcome them. Palestinians are the Jews, period. By calling Arab invaders Palestinians you legitimize their claim over our land — the whole Eretz-Yisrael.

    • Ellen

      Thank you Aryeh for pointing out this bottom line reality…language says it all; one of our true names has been usurped from us and claimed by barbaric imposters. Thank you to Kay for your incredible resilience and strength in recovering and remaining on the high moral road.

    • Cee Gee

      Right on! The Romans 2000 years ago renamed Judea as ‘Palestina’ in an effort to break the emotional ties of Jews to their land – the only legitimate and recognized nation that has lived here. Until 1948 when they became ‘Israelis’ Jews were identified worldwide as Palestinians. Only years later did the Arabs in Palestine assume that name for political expediency since it matches the name of the territory.
      In 1922 all 51 members of the League of Nations unanimously voted all of today’s territory of Palestine as the Jewish homeland. This followed the original promise (1920)of that land and all of today’s Jordan which was created by the British for Arabs only – apartheid. The Brits also permitted Arab immigration from neighboring countries into the legally promised homeland. Israel’s communities are not ‘settlements’ nor are their residents ‘settlers’ – words that have been used pejoratively. It is time to stop repeating the misleading language of those who would delegitimize the only democracy in the chaotic Middle East.

      Israel is a democracy where all religions are respected.


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  • Allahisgeat


    I see you have built a wall, an apartheid wall no less. Let me see. Is it to show up the 2700mile wall built by Morocco in the Sahara Region to keep out Polisario Front terrorists, or the dozens of ” peace walls ” in Belfast to separate warring factions. Why no. ITS A JEWHATE WALL in support of boycotters and demonisers of the one Jewish state on planet earth; Israel a mere 7800sq miles of sanctuary for Jews and Christians amongst 5-6 MILLION sq miles of hostile inflammatory Muslim controlled Arab lands (and also throughout N African lands) where Christians are being systematically terrorised , forced to convert to Islam, churches torched by the dozen, women and children beaten, extorted and killed. Indeed in case you haven’t heard, the whole of the Muslim-colonised ME is being quickly de- Christianised. What say you Sir?

    Nothing? Oh whys that. You don’t care about Christians where Jews are not involved in their demise. Goodness. How unGodly and UNChristian of you.

    What about the massacring and slaughtering of Muslims by fellow Muslims. Does that offend you? Apparently not eh?

    Let me bring to your attention the TRUE situation of Christians in Israel compared to the 23rd Muslim – Arab Hamas and PA controlled ‘Palestine’.

    Christians are forced to pay extortion / protection money, or, conversely, paid money to shut up about their despicable plight;Christian guides in Bethlehem threatened to make them stop taking groups into the Nativity Church? Where is the justice for the Christian children recently threatened with death unless they convert to Islam or the University students in Hebron, Beir Zeit and Al Quds Universities who have also been beaten and threatened unless they convert to Islam;their livelihoods taken away, their careers curtailed by a pro-Muslim glass ceiling; they fear recrimination by Muslims if they speak out. (Jews of course are barred from citizenship, routinely vilified and demonised and racially slandered in Palestinian nursery schoolbooks in Palestinians state tv and across all Palestinian universities and colleges and all forms of Palestinian controlled media.) THATS APARTHEID PERSONIFIED!

    Palestine, where children and pregnant women are forced to strap bombs to their bodies and blow themselves up, where all media is banned except those that adhere strictly to ‘ the company line’, where any reasonable debate about the conflict is met with a bullet in the head. THATS APARTHEID PALESTINE

    Conversely, in Israel, all media is permitted even Arabic anti Israel press and ALL citizens including the 1.3million Muslim and Christian Palestinians mix in the same saunas restaurants swimming pools cinemas buses trains etc irrespective of gender sexual persuasion or religion;Israel where ALL people are free and equal, with voting rights and recourse to the INDEPENDENT Law, again irrespective of gender sexual persuasion race or religion.THATS THE ANTITHESIS OF APARTHEID.

    Rev. Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest in Nazareth and spiritual leader said recently. “I am here to open the public’s eyes,” he said. “If we want to refrain from lying to our own souls and to the general public, we must say clearly and unwaveringly: enough!”

    “The Christian public wants to integrate into Israeli society, against the wishes of its old leadership. There are those who keep pushing us to the margins, keeping us the victims nationalism that is not our own, and of a conflict that has nothing to do with us,” he said.

    He surveyed the dire situation currently faced by Christians in Arab states, and said that the realization that Israel is the only country in the region that protects its Christian minority has prompted many Arabic-speaking Israeli Christians to develop a desire to contribute to the state of Israel.
    “We are not Arabs,” they are saying. “We are Christians who speak Arabic.”

    What say you Sir- still happy to support Muslim-Arab Jew/ Christian hate BDSrs?

    Lets sign off with words well known to Jesus the Jew who understood that TRUE CHRISTIANS are seen as wild olive branches grafted into the cultivated tree, Israel, and that its root feeds them. We are all familiar with the concept of a family tree: your Father in Heaven wants a family and He has adopted Christians into His family by grafting them into His chosen “tree”, Israel.

    “On the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying: “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates—the Kenites, the Kenezzites, the Kadmonites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Rephaim, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.” (Genesis 15:7-21).

    So, when Jesus/ The Messiah returns. Gonna tell him to get his Jew-ass off his GOD GIVEN land eh? Gonna demonise HIS people who built a PEACE BARRIER to stop HIM from being blown to smithereens or taken out by some Palestinian sniper?