Mothers say YES to Israeli Sovereignty

For 935 days, the Shalit family had a protest tent on the street corner near the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem, Israel, demanding the release of their son Gilad.

Since that time, many protests and demonstrations have come and gone.

This week there is a new vigil called

photo vigil, image women in green, picture sitting in rain

The Mothers say YES to Israeli Sovereignty.

“We came to strengthen not to demonstrate. We came to let our voices be heard and not to protest against the prime minister, who certainly is worried about the security of the country and its citizens,” said organizers Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar of Women in Green.

image Nadia Matar and Arieh Eldad, photo leaders of soverrignty movement, picture Nadia Matar

Former MK Prof. Arieh Eldad, of Professors for a Strong Israel assisted in arranging the event and was one of first speakers.

image protest tent, photo sovereignty vigil, picture Nadia Matar

As people sat the first rainy day under umbrellas, Nadia Matar was determined to get a good photo while Eldad was speaking, even if it meant hanging from a pole.

Interesting when women want to be heard, they provide guest speakers, chairs and umbrellas, generators and heat, light and lots of cookies and drinks.

But then again this was not a demonstration or protest. 

“We’re tired of retreats and concessions. We’re tired of the eternal lie of the left that claims the establishment of a Palestinian state in spitting distance of the Ben Gurion Airport will bring peace,” argued the activists.

“We, mothers in Israel, will leave our daily routines and homes to arrive before the Prime Minister’s Residence and say to him: Mr. Prime Minister, don’t fear and don’t succumb.”

The vigil is to run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. until Sunday, February 9.

Even if more “Mothers say YES to Israeli Sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley”

is it too little, too late?

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  • steve

    I don’t understand people who advocate for applying sovereignty over the west bank. By doing that, you would be creating a binational sate, or even an apartheid state if you did not allow the palestinians to vote. We should do our best to disentangle ourselves from the palestinians and support a two-state solution, even if it looks bleak at the current moment.

    • unpluggged

      We must ensure our sovereignty over the whole former British Mandate of Palestine territory plus the Golan heights. Only thus can we have secure borders. The Arab inhabitants of the areas liberated in 1967 (who are not indigenous but rather invaded and colonized the territory over the last two centuries), must return to their countries of origin. If they won’t agree to do so voluntarily, they shall be deported, as has been done in recent years in various countries of the world, including in their own countries of origin against the local Jewish populations.

      • steve

        Your history is incorrect and frankly your political solution is extreme and immoral. It’s opinions like this one that help fuel the conflict. Frankly, your political solution is not that different from Hamas in that you want to “cleanse” the land of palestinians who have been living there for generations, just as Hamas wants to “cleanse” the land of Jews. You are more alike than you think.

        We should be looking to strengthen a Jewish, democratic Israel, rather than muddying the borders by applying sovereignty over the West bank.

        • unpluggged

          So are you trying to say that your “history” is correct? Yes, this is an extreme solution, but Arab invasion to our land was a much more extreme act. And here in the Middle East we don’t need to deal with morality; we deal with our very survival. And for how long did we let them occupy and rape our land and our people is irrelevant.

          Don’t try to scary me with your demagogic Hamas comparison. If they want to wipe us off the map and throw us into the sea, why shouldn’t we wish them the same fate?

          But the difference is huge: while Hamas and other Arab scum want to physically eliminate every Jew in the world, I don’t want to kill or harm anybody. You see, there is a difference between slaughter or genocide and lawful deportation.

        • Steve Loeb

          While I agree with much of what you write, I can’t help wonder why you choose to call the land West Bank when you must know Jordan deliberately renamed it only a few decades ago to blur the real origin and connection of the Jews to what hat land had been called until the late 1940′s – Judea and Samaria

      • Jim from Iowa

        Who exactly within the current Israeli democratic political framework would carry out such an extreme policy? Certainly not the current governing coalition. And who would take the Palestinians in? No other Arab country wants them. Get real and think strategically and rationally for the benefit of all Israelis.

        • unpluggged

          We must stop caring for enemy more than we care for our own nation. I don’t give a shit if any country would take them in or not. It isn’t our problem. Did you ever wonder why those Arab states aren’t willing to take their own brethren? Maybe it is because they are so worthless losers that even their own backwards and undeveloped countries don’t want them? So why Israel should care about a hostile population inclined to commit crimes and invite them into our home? Would you allow a drug-addicted rapist and murderer who escaped from jail to enter your home?

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  • Dafna Yee

    Of course Israel should have sovereignty over Judea, Samaria, and all of Jerusalem as was always intended. Even when Jordan conquered that land and named it the “West Bank” no one suggested creating an independent country called “Palestine” which had NEVER, in all history, existed!

    Arabs who want Israeli citizenship could have it while others could remain as permanent residents. The ONLY reason there are “Palestinians” is that the PLO was created specifically to destroy Israel and that is still the only goal!!!

    Until the Jews were ethnically cleansed from their homes where they had lived for centuries by the Jordanians in 1948, the vast majority of the population of Jerusalem was JEWISH!!!!!

    • Sharon A

      It does seem so obvious, so why do so many not get it? Great marketing of PLO-PA that they are victims.

  • One4Zion

    Mark my words. Israel will disappear if it surrenders Judea and Samaria to arabs and they establish a state there… They will set up a state there and will start new claims, Nazareth, the 1948 partition lines…It won’t end until they erase Israel demographicaly. Which WILL happen when lets arabs set up a state there.
    The ONLY solution is to invoke the League of Nations 1922 partition plan of “palestine” where 77% is now Jordan. Israel should promote the anti Hasemite forces there, precipitate a coup, and declare that since Jordan sits on 77% of “Historic palestine”, therefore the country should be re named “palestine” as 80% of people there are palestinian already. This is the only solution short of Israel disappearing.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Why take half measures? Why not proclaim Jordan the Land of Oz and make yourself the first Wizard Deluxe thereof? Follow the Yellow Brick Road to that brave new world where all your dreams can come true, One4Zion.

      • One4Zion

        the arabs already have 22 states…there is no need for another one..”palestine” and jordan already share the same flag…it’s the only solution and you nazis will have to live with it…sadly for you, there won’t be another holocaust