Richard The Racist

silverstein ynetCan a Jewish person be a racist?

I first dealt with Richard Silverstein last year. Apparently he makes lists of people who are pro-Israel and posts them with insults. I had written an article suggesting that Palestinians needed to stop invoking my people and our struggle when demonizing Israel. Apparently this struck a sour note with the piano playing Silverstein who added me to his list.

Now he is attacking my friend Chloe Simone Valdary, because she has the temerity to be dark-skinned and pro-Israel. She is staunchly pro-Israel, and has organised several events (including Declare Your Freedom 2.0, a pro-Israel festival). According to Richard, this makes “uncle tom dance” because clearly Chloe cannot be black and support Israel, ignoring that many black people and other people with non pale skin tones are openly supporting Israel.

Richard, you see, is a Racist, with a capital R. When he was attacking me last year, I saw several of his posts about me, where he was far more concerned with my skin tone and my “Race” than he was was about my political opinions. I called him out on that and his excuse was that as a Jewish person who follows Tikkun Olam, he couldn’t be a racist. He then went on a long diatribe about Israel and said I couldn’t possibly understand because I am not in fact Jewish. Something I took issue with because as much as I respect Jewish people and support Israel, I do not believe that only Israelis are moral and rational. I told him so and he then told me that Israelis were horrible people and that if I was Jewish I would understand. He told me I shouldn’t be involved in this fight, because it’s not my fight. I told him it absolutely was, not just because the palestinians keep dragging my people into it, but also because its the fight of any moral, rational and ethical person to stand up for what’s right.

Richard has one sole argument, an appeal to authority argument based entirely on his “Jewishness” He provides no facts, no actual argument as to why anyone who supports Israel is wrong, just his appeal to authority that says “I am Jewish therefore my argument that Israelis are bad is right.” Because my position is that as a non Jew I cannot speak to that and it’s not my place to argue someones “Jewishness”, I base my argument on the fact that DESPITE his Jewishness, he is a simple racist. His position that I cannot be as moral or rational as him is in fact bigoted.

Richard cannot stand dissenting opinions, and he is what I call reality impaired. When confronted with facts that he cannot dispute, he will immediately turn the discourse to ad hominem. He honestly believes that he is making the world better, yet I see people like Chloe making the world better by actually doing the work, by doing things on the ground and advocating for her beliefs. All Silverstein does is blog, hang out with other antisemites in his echo chamber and insult people who have displayed far more moral certitude than he ever has. People like him are dangerous because they claim to speak for Jewish people, when in fact their opinions are anything but mainstream.

About Ryan Bellerose

A member of the indigenous Metis people, Ryan grew up in the far north of Alberta, Canada with no power nor running water. Ryan was unsure if his real name was "Go get water!" or "Go get wood!" In his free time, Ryan plays Canadian Rules Football , reads books, does advocacy work for indigenous people and does not live in an Igloo.


  • cba

    Silverstein is, indeed, the quintessential AsaJew.

    And yes, he’s definitely a racist. In fact, he’s a bigot in many ways.

  • dabney_c

    Silverstein is a disgraceful antisemite and racist. His understanding of”Tikkun Olam” is about as good as his pronunciation of it.

  • UnchainedYank

    I don’t understand your post. The picture of, and “substance” of …”Richard’s” post clearly prove that “Richard” IS NOT A MAN!!!

  • ShirlinOz

    He’s not worth wasting you breath on.
    You’re a better person than he could ever be,

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  • walt kovacs

    that he defends the use of uncle tom and declares that it isnt a racial smear just shows how seriously mentally challenged he is

  • Bea

    There are a number of anti-Israel activists who pretend to be Jews,
    thinking that it makes their argument against Israel more legitimate. He’s scumbag racist bastard. Don’t bother with him anymore. He probably thrives on the publicity.

  • Alan Berger

    He is neither Jewish nor a person. He is more anti-Semitic than racist. He is unemployed. He supports terrorism as a way to upset his parents, whom he hates. His big regret in life is that he was born to late to work as a kapo in a concentration camp. He is clearly acting out his mental problems in his blog. He knows nothing at all about Judaism.

  • Alan Berger

    PS. When you say “person,” you clearly mean transvestite, right?

  • Adam Kratt

    Silverstein is a failure at not only being a Jew but at being a human being and guess what Silverstein let me qualifiy that with the fact that I am a Jew so in your opinion my statement has factual merit. Oh and as not only as a Jew but as an American and someone who practices tikkun olam i support the people of Israel and while their may very well be a few bad apples in the 6 million Jewish and 1.5 Million Arab Israelis, as with any nationality, i think they are a pretty good and honorably brave people.

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    Can we be clear here. SILVERSTEIN AINT NO JEW. His parents or grandparents mite have been but he shares NOTHING with Judaism

  • Mask

    Proper term is Bigot. Maybe you can rename the post title, more outlets can pick up on this disgusting act of bigotry.

  • Mikewen2

    Silverstein is little condescending prick. I can only hope that he becomes a victim of the terrorists he loves. The world would be a better place.