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The Only Thing Israel-Hater Richard Silverstein Seems Capable of Googling Are His Eyes

The latest example of Silverstein's inability to do the bare minimum of research

Richard Silverstein Attacks Fellow Israel-Hater James Zogby For Running Poll That Gave Results He...

Israel Hayom reports on a new poll published in the UAE showing growing support for establishing ties with Israel in some Arab countries

Richard Silverstein’s Twitter Feed Goes to the Dogs

Anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein has taken some time out from bashing Israel to tweet about his dog.

Richard Silverstein Defends Person Who Threatened to Set on Fire Person Wearing IDF Shirt

A few days ago, video emerged of CUNY Law School student and terror supporter Nerdeen Kiswani threatening to set on fire a man wearing an IDF sweatshirt.

Haters Turns on Fellow Hater Richard Silverstein

Israel-hating Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein has learned the hard way that even for some of his fellow haters, he is expendable.

Israel-Hater Richard Silverstein Yet Again Displays He Is Clueless in Seattle

Silverstein demonstrates yet again that he has no clue about what is going on in Israel.

Anti-Israel Dick Joke Loves Anti-Israel Dick Joke

Richard Silverstein cannot hide his hatred - despite his denials

Richard Silverstein’s Greatest Trolling Hits: #353

Richard Silverstein has taken time out from peddling his fake news about the Beirut blast to tweet this

Richard Silverstein Mocking Other People’s Appearances

Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein has decided to make fun of Congressman Matt Gaetz's appearance

Richard Silverstein Disgraces Himself With Another Antisemitic Smear

Of course, this is not Silverstein's first antisemitism rodeo.

Richard Silverstein Furious As Facebook Marks as Fake News His Post Blaming Israel for...

Facebook fact-checkers agree with me - and Silverstein is livid

Richard Silverstein Blasts a Huge Hole in His Own Argument

As I have posted about already, anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein claimed Israel bombed Beirut, and then cherry picked some statements from various people to...


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