Feeling Under Water?

From Israel’s Dan Hotels group comes this amazing announcement! They’ve begun work on The Dead Sea’s first hotel with underwater rooms. That’s right, if you feel you need a break from it all, why not check in so you can sleep without the fishes. All the wet suites will come equipped with panoramic views of the salty sea floor where you can gaze out for hours trying to spot the fish.

Dan Hotels Dead Sea View room

Scheduled to open April 1st 2020. Book early to avoid disappointment!

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  • Jim from Iowa

    OK, I’m game. Looks like a fun and unique experience to me. But I do have one concern and it’s kind of a delicate subject. I find that, in general, I like Israelis for their outspoken nature and their tendency to tell you exactly what they think without trying to spare your feelings. I’m not sure these qualities lend themselves to serve in the hospitality industry, though. Do they import hotel staff from other countries?

    • http://www.israellycool.com/ Brian of London

      It’s a complete mix and the quality of service has improved dramatically in the last few years I feel. Many Arabs work in hotels too, especially on Shabbat when the hotels rely on them to keep Kosher.

    • Inessa

      This quality serves them well when dealing with rude Israeli guests, who tell them what they think of them and their service. Otherwise, it’s not a problem.

    • dabney_c

      You must have last been in Israel in the 1970s. Hospitality and restaurant wait staff have improved by leaps and bounds.

  • cba

    “where you can gaze out for hours trying to spot the fish”
    That was the final clue ;)

    Nice one.

  • Tom

    April fools joke?

    • cba

      1. “where you can gaze out for hours trying to spot the fish [in the Dead Sea]”
      2. “Scheduled to open April 1st 2020″

      3. Posted April 1, 2014

      Hmmm, it’s a poser! ;)

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