Arrests That Send Shivers

Today, it is our turn and we need to speak out loud and clear. This is wrong. This is not us. This is not Judaism. For every candy given out to celebrate the murder of our children, we need to shed 100 tears for the murder of theirs. – Hillel Fuld, Facebook.

Police have confirmed they are holding three Jews in connection with the (abominably vile) murder of 16 year old Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

Police announced they have identified the suspects they believe brutally murdered 16 year old Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

The police have not released the identities of the suspects.

A total of 6 suspect were initially arrested. From the initial six, three have been released.

The three have been identified as Jews. Some of them are minors.

They are currently being interrogated by the Shabak (General Security Service).

They have not yet been charged with the murder, and the investigation is still considered as ongoing

All we can do is add our voices of disgust and revulsion, pending an actual trial and conviction, that this act of senseless violence be committed by Jews no matter what the claimed provocation.

Jews kill in self defense and defensive wars. That’s it. We do not kill random Arab children as retribution even when our own children are plucked from the roads and murdered. Any that do this deserve any punishment the state can deliver (and probably more in fact).

Neither do we celebrate this.

Here is a the statement of Danny Ayalon, a well known champion of the communities in Judea and Samaria and generally of the right politically. I can assure you he didn’t have to think very hard before putting out this:

David Ha’ivri (who I know personally) is a spokesperson for the communities in the Shomron:

Murder of civilians based of their ethic background is not ‘nationalist reasons’, it is terrorism. I am a patriot & I denounce terrorism.



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An open condemnation of the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir | Liberty's Spirit
06 July 2014 at 4:07pm
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  • Sharon A

    So so very sad

  • Hasdai

    Great, a moral preenfest, that’s all we needed.

    Beside the confusion of Jewish morality with the Jedi code (“Jedi don’t take revenge”), is the author unaware that every Arab and left-wing spoutlet is going to jump over this as “proof positive of Zionist guilt”? (“The Zionists themselves said so.”) While gaining no brownie points in their eyes, because Occupation.

    If you say it’s not about what others think of us, but our moral character, then you’re wrong there too. “We were better than them” is an epitaph; the important thing for a nation is to survive at all costs. Acting with detached Jedi restraint is our bane.

    • Shimona from the Palace

      Kidnapping an innocent boy, torturing him and burning him alive in revenge for the murders of Naftali, Gil-ad and Eyal הי”ד – IF that is what happened – is not going to help our nation survive.

      • unpluggged

        Does this seem probable to you that Jews were able to do such things?

        BTW, when our underground fighters hanged two “innocent” British sergeants in retaliation for two hanged Jews, it DID help our nation survive. The British stopped executing Jews since then and soon got out of Israel.

        • mzk1_1

          Actually, in revenge for that British soldiers opened fire in Jerusalem and murdered a number of random Jewish civilians. That we never hear about. But the rest is true.

          More to the point, the Irgun (Etzel) got so frustrated over British “patience” with murders of Jews, that they did in fact commit at least one act of actual terrorism against the Arab civilian population – or counter-terrorism, to be specific. I will not judge them – their purpose was to stop the killing, but yes, Jews can do such things. We have good teachers in our neighbors. But we are supposed to presume that this is unnecessary, because we have a State. I certainly hope so.

        • NewClassTraitor

          BTW, 20 years later, one of the two sergeants was discovered to have a Jewish mother.

        • Shimona from the Palace

          I did not say it was “probable”. However, by reminding us of the incident of the hanging of the 2 British sergeants, you yourself admit that it is “possible”.
          I dispute your assertion that it was the hanging of the 2 sergeants that helped our nation to survive. Furthermore, can you see no difference between hanging 2 adult soldiers, and burning a random civilian juvenile alive? If nothing else, the sheer barbarity of the method of slaughter in the latter case should give you pause for thought.
          And supposing it turns out to be true that the kidnappers attempted to kidnap the victim’s 9-year old brother the previous day? Supposing they had succeeded and had burned him alive also? Would you claim then, also, that this was necessary in order to help our nation survive?

  • Hard Little Machine

    The next time Jews are murdered by Arabs we need to see 2 weeks of anti Arab rioting, arson and attacks. Kill a bunch of them as it’s the only thing they understand.

  • anneinpt

    I’m almost paralysed with shock and revulsion. I want to blog about this myself, or rather I don’t but feel I ought to. But my thoughts are so scattered and I feel so sick, so I came to the place where I know I’ll find some sanity. Thanks for this post and for your clarity of thought.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Thank-you for this thoughtful, necessary post, Brian. I applaud Israeli authorities for their quick and effective handling of this case. I am confident the defendants will get a speedy and fair trial within the Israeli justice system. Much will be made by the left and the right when more is known about the nature of the crime and the identities of the accused. But you’ve made several useful points already, Brian. Thanks, again.

    • unpluggged

      They are not defendants yet. And I hope this case will collapse. Arabs did it. At least it is by orders of magnitude more probable. When did a Jew murder an Arab last time? And how often does it happen?

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  • fizziks


    Slightly OT: I suggest updating the picture on the click page to a more recent one that is out there, to reflect the fully grown teenager that he was, rather than this baby-faced kid.

    • Andrea Collins

      Nope, it’s a well-known media trick. Sorry, I mean “yes”.

      • mzk1_1

        Ah, I suspected they pulled a Treyvon Martin on us. Note the mother is doing that.

  • unpluggged

    Jews don’t murder on the basis of hate or nationalism. Even arabs know that.

    • walt kovacs

      doesnt fit mo for a revenge murder by nationalists….ill grant you that

      in regards to your condemnation of the israeli police, you should know that they get thousands of prank calls that include fake kidnappings

      something led them to arrest these israeli jews….maybe just working on a lead

      we shall see

      • unpluggged

        Well, the police is there and feeds on our taxes in order to protect us. Every call must be treated most seriously by police phone operators.

        Prank or not, do you have a way to certainly know that? Was the police officer who answered the call in a position to decide if it was or wasn’t prank?

        I am glad that I don’t live in Israel and don’t pay taxes to the impotent government that is unable to establish an effective police force.

        • NewClassTraitor

          Ever dealt with the Chicago police force? (If not, I wouldn’t wish it on you.)

    • Art Deco

      just had a bad luck to live in a violent Arab society with no respect for human life.

      Again, ordinary homicides not especially common in most countries in the Near East, North Africa, or Central Asia, There is horrendous political violence in Iraq and Syria; the Sudan, Pakistan, and some post-Soviet republics are a mess in this respect. For the most part, 2.0 per 100,000 per annum is about a normal homicide rate for this part of the world (Israel’s rate is 1.8 per 100,000).

      I suspect the real problem in most Arab society is not a lack of respect for human life, but a hideous over-valuation of certain sorts of pride and honor (but not, oddly enough, the sorts that generate bravery under fire; see Pierre Leuillette’s memoirs re his service in Suez). There are ends and means and accomplishing something requires a lively sense of the relationship between them. The shizz in various Arab publics (and among Arab politicians) is to keep striking attitudes even if it gets you not one blessed thing and to continually displace responsibility – transferring it from the self or from proximate perpetrators to various approved bogeys (e.g. the Jews, or some supposed conspiracy).

      An example of this might be the contention over EgyptAir Flight 990. American casualty investigators played the cockpit recordings for their Egyptian counterparts who agreed upon hearing them what their plain implication was. Then the investigators contact their superiors in the Egyptian apparat who lower the boom on them. After that there is this absurd fan dance where in Egyptian officials devote much mental energy to generating inventive excuses not to acknowledge the obvious: that an Egyptair pilot who had some hours before been notified that he would be terminated on arrival in Cairo had committed suicide and taken a planeload of people with him.

      • unpluggged

        The low rates of murders (and we are talking only about reported/registered murders) in Arab world are due to the harsh laws. Death penalty sometimes really deters potential murderers.

        But yet again, how many girls and women are murdered annually in remote ares of Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, and other places? Nobody knows. Because the value of life in these societies (and especially a woman’s life) is very low. As Wafa Sultan said about Gaza, “if they want to kill and be killed, let them”.

        • mzk1_1

          In Algeria, killing a Jew was generally not considered a crime.

          • Art Deco

            The Jewish population of Algeria numbered about 10,000 at one time was expelled in 1962. The only Jews there would be foreigners attached to diplomatic missions or local branches of Western businesses, and they cannot be very numerous.

            • mzk1_1

              Please note the past tense?

              • Art Deco

                The old days would be the colonial period lasting from 1830 to 1962. Somehow I do not think the Code Napoleon made it legal to slaughter Jews.

        • Art Deco

          Generally, sociologists of crime will tell you that celerity of punishment and certainty of punishment are a far more powerful vector in influencing crime rates than is severity of punishment.

          Recorded homicides in the Near East, North Africa, and Central Asia number about 33,000 per UNDOC. Per Amnesty International, about 660 executions were carried out in that part of the world for one reason or another (not all for homicides, of course). Given that your chances of being executed if you commit a murder are under 2%, I would not call the legal regime in the generic country therein unduly harsh (unless you fancy they have a dreadfully low clearance rate and execute anyone they get their hands on). (Most executions in 2013 were carried out in Iran, btw, not an Arab country).

    • Art Deco

      Jews don’t murder on the basis of hate or nationalism.

      You have nearly 6 million Jews in Israel and a similar number in the United States (and 300,000 in Britain, 700,000 in France). I imagine among that crew of 14 million or so you can find an example here or there of someone who will do quite frightful things. Categorical statements are kinda dumb when you are speaking of populations in that dimension.

      • unpluggged

        Well yes, the law of large numbers does work. But the essence doesn’t change. Jews as a community are not used to commit hate crimes, while Arabs are. Once again, how often and how many Arabs were murdered by Jews out of nationalistic hatred?

        • Art Deco

          Just enforce the law without fear or favor and be precise if someone invites you to make a comparison.

    • cba

      “Anyway, I’d like to feel sympathy towards the poor Arab kid, but for some strange reason I don’t”

      Then there’s a certain something lacking in you.

      Humanity, maybe.

      • unpluggged

        Maybe there is. The photos of slain Fogel children, for instance, don’t contribute to develop any humane feelings.

        If Arabs want to be treated with humanty, they should first be humane themselves and toward themselves. Anyway, let us mourn our dead and let Arabs mourn theirs. As long as they hand out sweets every time a Jew is killed, there is no reason for us to grieve at their deaths. As long as they hate us more than they love their children, there is no reason for us to love their kids more than they love them themselves.

        For me, a live Jew worth a thousand live Arabs. A dead Jew worth a thousand dead Arabs. Three Jews, therefore, worth three times more. So a dead Arab is not a big deal for me. There are thousands of Arabs killed every day by other Arabs. Nobody talks about them, nobody really cares. Well, yes, as some guy once said, “one death is a tragedy; millions of deaths is statistics”. But as soon as a Jew is suspected, the whole world boils.

      • mzk1_1

        I think he has a very human response.

    • same1

      “Jews don’t murder on the basis of hate or nationalism. Even arabs know that.” Actually NO ONE knows that because it’s a preposterous fairy tale you dreamt up. It’s closer to the truth to say that ALL the Palestinians murdered by the IDF and the settler filth were killed as a result of hatred and hyper-nationalism.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’ve got no problem with this posting, but the accused are innocent until proven guilty and I believe in keeping an open mind until all the evidence is presented in court. As for conduct, we are not obligated to answer to anyone but God, who is the Supreme Judge, and do what’s right according to His commandments. The ruling elites of other countries and their messengers and mouthpieces in the news media are by and large scum who don’t deserve the time of day.

  • mzk1_1

    I have no idea if they are innocent or guilty as this point. The matter depends on the evidence. And I mean the actual evidence, not the decisions of the Israeli court system. (*) I do not take back my statement of “blood libel”, because of the assumptions made on various sides before anything was known. I certainly hope it was not our side, but if it was, I hope they were brought to justice. Nor would I object to death penalties all around.

    (*) The only reason there generally are just verdicts in the US or Israel is because prosecutors will almost never bring a case without pretty close to certainly. Unless there is some sort of political pressure, like a push from the Israeli press or the “international community”.

  • mzk1_1

    ” An arrest is not a conviction.”

    This may be, but in the Israeli court system, an indictment – brought solely at the discretion of the prosecution (*), no grand juries – generally brings at least a partial conviction.

    I do not ever assume a politician is guilty of anything (that includes Katzir) because he was convicted in an Israeli court.

    (*) Oddly enough, after a search, I couldn’t find anything clear on the issue. I presume the matter is assumed by Israelis.

  • same1

    Every single day, the Israeli vermin brutalize civilians, including children. Every day they round them up in mass arrests, and throw them in Israel’s dungeons and torture chambers, many held for years without charge in administrative detention. The country stands around doing NOTHING while thousands of Israeli youth stampede through Jerusalem and even Tel Aviv shouting “Death to the Arabs” and painting the Star of David on Arab homes and property like it’s a swastika. But Israelis are suddenly “shocked” and “horrified” at the brutal murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir?!?

    Israelis should use the billions of dollars we send them and invest in some acting lessons. Their efforts at moral superiority in the wake of this latest outrage are truly pathetic. (I’m talking here about those who feign concern and disgust, not the thousands who openly applaud killing Arabs in their racist hate-fests on Facebook, many proudly displaying their IDF regalia)

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