Hamas Mediator Claims Terror Group Rebuffed His Efforts To Negotiate Ceasefire

Gershon Baskin, the Co-Chairman of the Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information and extreme left pundit, tweeted on Wednesday that Hamas rebuffed his efforts to negotiate a ceasefire, and that Hamas leaders behave criminally when they put Gaza civilians in harm’s way.  Baskin is the man widely believed to have negotiated Gilad Schalit’s release, so when he says he has a direct line to Khaled Meshal, we sort of believe him.  “Israel had to respond with force, I am sorry to say,” he tweeted.

Later, in response to criticism, he added, shockingly, “Would you surrender to Hamas and say, please shoot us, it’s ok, we understand your anger? Is that what you would do? Get real!”












And later:





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  • Norman_In_New_York

    A pig has just taken flight.

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  • One4Zion

    this guy is always desperate for attention.. “hey look at me, i liberated shalit, I’m pals with pal leader Abbas”…he clearly wants to be hired to a govt position at least as a clerk.. or is looking to boost his book sales..yknow hes got a book where he hails himself as the Shalit liberator… I think in the celebrity milieu they call them “attention whores”

  • walt kovacs

    1 blind leftist down, way too many more to go

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