One Direction’s Harry Styles: Pro-Israel?


I have blogged about One Direction Singer Harry Styles’ philosemitic proclivities in the past.

And now there are indication he may be pro Israel as well.

While he seems to have steered clear of the current conflict, he is being accused of being a lover of Zion.

From a Tumblr post a few weeks ago:

hammer of israelI tweeted about it this morning and now it has sparked a huge debate on Twitter. First of all, it’s sad that it takes a boy band member doing something to get people to realize the injustices that are going around in the world. That being said, a lot of people don’t understand the situation and are putting words in the mouths of people like me who are trying to help people better understand. I’m seeing a lot of things like “If you think Harry would support child murder and war, you’re dumb.” That takes things to an extremely different level.

What Harry did was ask for girls in the crowd to give him a blow up hammer with the flag of Israel on it. They gave it to him and he held it up and waved it around proudly while he sang. In light of the recent and not so recent issues going on in the region, it was extremely upsetting to fans who are Palestinian and those who aren’t that support Palestine and understand the conflict. Israel is a state that has been occupying Palestine for over 60 years. In those 60 years they have demolished homes, built up a wall to fence people in like animals, killed innocent civilians and worse. Their goal is to kick out every last Palestinian and make it a state of their own. The country is founded on oppression. There is no separation of country and government. To hold up the flag proudly is to say that you in some way or another support the government. This is not the first time Harry Styles has shown support for Israel.


Ben Winston, his close friend and a man he looks up to, has lived in Israel, is openly pro-Israel and obviously pro-Zionist and has introduced Harry to Judaism. Harry liking Judaism is absolutely fine. But there is a divide between Judaism and Israel. He doesn’t understand that. He doesn’t understand a lot of things about the issue because he is only being given one side.

Yep. it happened.

More here.

And then there’s this:

Harry Styles is a singer, a boyband member and a pretty face, but somehow he’s managed to become embroiled in a rather political debate, as the war wages on between Palestine and Israel.

The One Direction singer attracted a mass of negative attention this afternoon when he followed an author on Twitter, who recently published an article in the Huffington Post about the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East.

Lliana Bird describes herself as ‘half Israeli, half British’ and penned a piece titled Why I’m Pro-Israeli AND Pro-Palestinian. Harry’s pal Ben Winston – who has produced and directed a number of One Direction music videos and worked on their movie This Is Us – shared a link to the article earlier this morning and Styles must have been paying attention, as soon after he followed the writer on Twitter.

More here.

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