Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, Muslim Mensch on a Mission


Imam Mohammad Tawhidi is an Iranian-born Australian Muslim scholar. According to his website:

Imam Tawhidi is an Australian Muslim Scholar, Thinker, Educator, Speaker, and one of the main leading voices in the global movement of Islamic reform who has dedicated his life to ideologically tackling the spread of Islamic Extremism.

 He enjoys healthy international diplomatic relationships with numerous government officials and provides advice on counter-terrorism.

I have posted about him here before. Simply put, Imam Tawhidi is a real mensch.

He’s been on such a roll as of late, posting some great things on social media, that I could not resist sharing them here with you.

If you are not following Imam Tawhidi, you need to be. Especially if you are Muslim.

More like him please.

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