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Are You One Of The Idiots Who Unthinkingly Believe Hamas Propaganda?

Either bullets in Chicago are a lot more vicious than Israeli military bullets, or Ha'aretz is publishing Hamas propaganda as news again.

WATCH: Drone Footage of Yom Ha’zikaron Memorial Day Motorway Siren

I decided to take my new drone to see what it looks like when the siren sounds at 11am on Yom Ha’zikaron, Israel’s memorial day for the fallen in wars and those murdered in acts of terrorism

Are You Sending Your Jewish Kids To Camp In America? Beware!

The far-left, anti-Israel group IfNotNow are planing on infiltrating as many of their members as they can into camps as counselors.

Logical Woke Fun At The Passover Seder

There is evidence of intelligent life out there.

No Israeli Flags For Jew!

British Jews: wake up. The Labour Party is now a radical far-left party which has adopted the Palestinian “narrative” completely.

Understanding And Refuting Alt-Right’s Pseudoscientific Jew Hatred (Antisemitism): Part Two

Part two in the series debunking the Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald

Understanding And Refuting Alt-Right’s Pseudoscientific Jew Hatred (Antisemitism): Part One

Finally we have an academic demolition of one of the sacred texts of Alt-Right Jew hatred

WATCH: What Does The Women’s March Say About Louis Farrakhan’s Jew Hatred?

The Women’s March eventually issued a long winded and completely “intersectional” statement that totally fails to condemn Farrakhan

American Jews: Do You Support Farrakhan Democrats?

Alan Dershowitz has recanted his support for the Democrat party of Obama, when will other American Jews?

It’s Just So Hard To Believe Ha’aretz

What the Ha'aretz writer says here leaves us no way to know what actually happened.

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