WATCH: Views Of Herzliyah Beach And Brians Thoughts On The New York Times


Yesterday evening I got to go to the beach to take my son to his Sea Scouts activity. I took my drone for a flight while live-streaming my thoughts on the New York Times’ cartoon scandal which I wrote about yesterday.

I make a very serious point in here about the normalising of Jew hatred. As much as the main stream media want to scream about white supremacists and Neo Nazis, the much more dangerous normalisation is coming from the New York Times publishing this sort of cartoon and the constant anti-Israel drum beat which they’ve called anti-Zionism but is almost always flat out Jew hatred.

I gave a quick description of the process of syndication, how it compares to the entire news wire business (something I’ve spoken and written about quite a bit) and why that cartoon is really such bad news.

But you can ignore all that and just watch the pretty pictures if you like!

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