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Al-Crapeeza report how a PLO Arab terrorist was killed when his car blew up.

Palestinian police have launched an investigation after a car blew up in the southern Gaza Strip, killing a member of the Islamic Jihad group.

Yusuf Abu Matar, 33, who also belonged to the Palestinian police force, died in a local hospital on Sunday.

An explosive device reportedly went off as he sat in his car in the Rafah refugee camp on the southern edge of Gaza, near the border with Egypt.

Palestinian security sources said they were investigating whether Matar’s car had been booby-trapped, which could make him the victim of a targeted attack, or whether he had been carrying a bomb that exploded prematurely.

The Israeli army had no immediate comment on the incident

However, Al-Crapeeza omit some key facts.

The explosion that ripped through a car in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, killing a Palestinian terrorist, was an apparent work-related incident, according to Israeli army sources.


According to AssociatedPress, the incident took place in Rafah, on the Gaza-Egypt border. Witnesses had no explanation for the blast, since no Israeli helicopters were seen in the area, apparently ruling out the possibility of an attempted targeted killing.

The area is a frequent site of clashes between Palestinian terrorists and Israeli forces. Palestinians often plant bombs aimed at Israeli military vehicles.

Despite all of this, Al-Crapeeza seem to draw their own conclusion.

Targeted strikes

Israel has often killed leaders of resistance groups in targeted strikes staged in Gaza, including members of Islamic Jihad. The organisation has killed dozens of Israelis in bomb attacks.

Al-Crapeeza should know better than this. I wonder if they will be mentioning this:

Palestinian security officials on Sunday retracted claims that IDF forces were responsible for the killing of Hani Raba’iyah, 9 near Rafah last Wednesday morning and admitted that he had been shot by his brother.

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