Holocaust Commemoration – European Style


This week, Europe have shown us the many ways in which they like to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day.

There’s this:

Every third European feels Jews should stop playing “Holocaust victim” games, an Italian newspaper reported Monday. The poll came out on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a day Israel this year dedicated to combating anti-Semitism.

The Corriere della Sera survey of nine European countries also found that 46 percent of those interviewed feel Jews are “different,” and 71% of them urged Israel to withdraw from the territories. Nine percent of respondents do not “like or trust Jews,” and 15% would prefer that Israel not exist.


Forty-eight percent of Europeans polled in Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and Britain said that Jews have “a particular relationship with money.”

And this:

A photo of PM Ariel Sharon alongside one of Adolph Hitler is currently being exhibited at the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, reported Army Radio Wednesday.

The photos are presented as part of an exhibition on ‘borderline cases’ aimed at testing the borders between freedom of expression and discrimination, according to the museum’s spokesman.

Let’s not forget this:

A grenade exploded outside a synagogue in the Russian republic of Dagestan on Sunday night.

According to Russian news agency Ria Novosta there no one was injured in the attack on the shul located in the republicís second city of Derbent.

And I almost forgot to mention this:

Vandals smeared red paint Tuesday on a mosaic placed on the banks of the Danube River to commemorate Jews killed during World War II, the state-run news agency MTI reported.

Here’s a news flash to Europe – Never Again!

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