You may recall Neill Cook, an Australian blogger whom I have taken to task on numerous occasions. Here’s a reminder of Cook’s views.

I see Israeli reprisals as state-sponsored terrorism, because thatís what it is.

And this:

If the U.S. were in any way serious about brokering a peaceful solution to the middle-east issue, they would cancel all foreign & military aid to Israel until the state sponsored terrorism ceased.

And here’s my favourite:

There is nothing anti-semitic in compromise, just as there is nothing anti-semitic in disagreeing with the Israeli actions against Palestinians. There is, however, a teminology which exists for what the Israeli nation would prefer for the Palestinian nation. It’s called genocide. Oh, the irony of it all.

Despite his denials that his criticism of Israel stems from anti-Semitism, I have always suspected otherwise. Especially after he agreed with the vehemently anti-Semitic comments of one Michael Talismann in the comments to a post on this blog.

Thanks to “Blogfather” Gary Gravett, Cook has been outed as a racist. Here is a snippet taken from Cook’s photoblog:

These four shots are the result of an ignorant, slitty-eyed, slimy little Landcruiser-driving vietnamese prick which tried to squeeze past me on the freeway entry ramp this morning. It doesn’t look too bad, in fact I dare say 80% will just polish off, but that’s beside the point. It’s MY car and I don’t go around driving into other peoples cars then shrugging it off and driving away./ Not to worry, though. I have the slippery little sh*t’s registration number and will be following him up via the police. Might be a nice chance to get the car re-sprayed at someone elses expense. I’ll teach the ignorant, non-english-speaking immigrant to go around rubbing up against other peoples cars and f***ing off without barely a word.

I eagerly await Cook’s rebuttal. Let me guess: “Calling a Vietnamese person a ‘slitty-eyed, slimy little Landcruiser-driving vietnamese prick’ is not racism, but rather a legitimate criticism.'”

Update: This is Cook’s response on his blog:

It appears I’ve been taken to task for labelling the individual who recently damaged my car and pissed off before I could get out & nail him an ignorant, slitty-eyed, slimy little Landcruiser-driving vietnamese prick. I’m left to wonder, just how these reactionary idiots would react were they in the same position I found myself in, if anyone, regardless of the fact that they were a non-english speaking vietnamese immigrant, and yes, I do know he’s vietnamese because I’ve since contacted him, scraped their vehicle along the side of theirs in peak-hour traffic before getting out jabbering in their native language, waving hands furiously then remounting their vehicle & pissing off. I dare say the invective would be twice as fierce as mine was. Rave on, Chaps. It’s what you’re best at.

Talk about digging yourself a deeper hole..

Update 2: As a result of the criticism directed against his racist tirade, Cook has now disabled comments on his site.


and with that, comments are turned off. I find the Australian Blogosphere just way too biased and derogatory, not to mention simply irrational, for me to be wasting my valuable bandwidth on a bunch of weak, spineless ponces who continually hide behind their internet screens. If regular readers have anything worthwhile to say, or wish to carry a logical debate regarding anything I might choose to write about, then the email address is on the left…..where it rightfully belongs. I dare say the Bastards, Murphs, Slatts and Frozen Israelites of this world will continue their tirades, and good luck to them. Blatant displays of social ignorance appear to be their way, but not mine. Have at it, Chaps. Nothing I say will likely slow you down, until you find another mark to occupy your time with.

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