Together Again

Do you remember Reem Salah al-Rayashi, the PLO Arab woman who blew herself up to kingdom come, murdering four Israelis and rendering her two children orphans? As previously posted, she had apparently been pressured to carry out the attack after her husband found out about her and her Hamas lover.

In a happy ending to the story, her lover has joined her for eternity in hell.

Abdel Nasser Abu Shokeh, 37, of Al-Gourej was killed Friday in an explosion believed until now to be a “work accident,” that is, a premature explosion that occurred while he was handling explosives meant for use against Israel. But in a report by Israel Radio, Hamas now says his death was a hit by Israel.

Shokeh was believed to be head of Hamas’s military wing in Central Gaza. He was also the lover of suicide bomber who blew herself up at the Erez Checkpoint, killing three soldiers and one civilian and leaving behind two children.

Now if only her husband would join them.

David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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