The Good Sports in Iran

An Iranian sporting official has claimed that Iran topped the infidel US at the Olympics.
A number-crunching Iranian sports official claimed Iran did in fact beat its arch-enemy the United States at the Athens Olympics, even if the Americans won 103 medals compared to the Islamic republic’s six.
“Iran won one medal for every 6.2 athletes sent to Athens, while the United States won one medal for 13.8 athletes,” the head of Iran’s Physical Education Organisation Mohsen Mehralizadeh told the Etemad newspaper.
According to his calculations, Turkey won one medal per 12.8 athletes, Britain got a medal for 11.8 athletes and Japan got one for 12.2 athletes.
“Therefore,” the official asserted, “of the 202 countries present at Athens, Iran was in fourth position. This is a good result.”
I didn’t understand how the Iranian came up with 6.2 athletes (rather than rounding to 6). Until I realized that Iranian Judo champion Arash Miresmaeili was counted as 1.2 athletes (He apparently weighs even more now that he carries all of those coins).
Anyway, let Iran claim that they came in fourth position. Israel came in  fourth position on a far more important list – the USA’s closest allies (according to a poll). Funny, I don’t see Iran on that particular list. But I hold out high hopes for them when the results of the poll What Do You Feel is the Most Fiendishly Evil Country in the World? come out later this year.
And still on the subject of Iran and sporting achievements, here is a story from IranMania:
Iran breaks China into pieces
Iran hammered China 3-0 in the Asian Youth Volleyball Championship in Khalifa Hall of the Qatari capital, Doha, Tuesday, Iran’s State News Agency (IRNA) reported.
Why does everything with Iran have to be soooo violent?

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