The Don’ts of Inventing Conspiracy Theories

Yet another Jewish conspiracy theory, courtesy of our friends at Al-Crapeeza:
An Egyptian newspaper has revealed information pointing that a radical Israeli movement called authart nosh was planning a huge terrorist attack in Taba, Egypt to prevent Jews from spending holidays in Taba.
According to the released information the plan was to carry out a huge bomb attack at Taba  hotels and in Nuweiba using booby-trapped cars rented of some Bedouins in Sinai.
The Egyptian newspaper, members of this radical Israeli movement had been exposed to series of interrogation in front of Israeli security agencies.
An Israeli newspapers had published an article before the Taba explosions stating that the Israeli government had warned this radical movement from carrying out an attack against Israeli tourist to Taba.
These conspiracy theories usually fisk themselves, but I cannot resist this one. It should really serve as a lesson to all those budding conspiracy theorists out there, as to what not to do.
For one,  if you are going to invent a conspiracy theory, you should make claims that cannot easily be disproven (even if they are nutty). Here, the claim that an Israeli newspaper published an article before the attacks, warning about some radical, Israeli terrorist group, is simply untrue. This is easily verifiable. (Not even Debka published an article like this). 
I particularly like the name of this fictictious Israeli terrorist group – authart nosh. You would assume that the name of an Israeli terrorist group would be in Hebrew. But, the inventors of this conspiracy theory have evidentally not done their homework, since authart nosh is not Hebrew. It seems to be jibberish, but it may actually be Arabic for all I know. Come to think of it, the word nosh is Yiddish for “eating a little something.” I don’t think authart is a Yiddish word, but perhaps this terrorist group have a penchant for snacking?
The inventors of this theory also lack some imagination. The only motive they could ascribe to the Israeli terrorist group was “to prevent Jews from spending holidays in Taba.” That’s it. Not because they oppose the policies of the Israeli government. Not because they want to free their comrades held in Israeli prisons. Their only desire is to spoil the vacation of Jews. We are not told why they would want to prevent Jews from holidaying in Taba, but perhaps this terrorist group contains staff members of the Dan Hotel in Eilat. After all, competition can bring out the worst in people.

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