JIB (Jewish and Israeli Blog) Awards – Nominations Closed and Other Issues

Note: This post will remain at the top of the page until the next JIB Awards update
Nominations Closed
Nominations for all categories are now closed.
I will now be checking through all the nominations, deciding on their validity for their nominated category(ies), and setting up the polls. This may take some time, but I will aim to have polls ready no later than a week from now.
A brief word about the voting: Because of the stated aim to publicize as many Jewish/Israeli/Pro-Israel blogs as possible, I will attempt to include as many as possible in the voting. Due to the large number of nominations, I will first put up polls for the preliminary round of voting (to last 5 days). This will only pertain to those categories with more than 12 valid nominations. The top x number of vote-getters for each category will proceed to the ‘finals’ (where x varies across categories, depending on the total number of valid nominations for the category).
In the case of the categories with 12 or less valid nominations, there will be no preliminary round of voting. The nominated blogs will progress straight to the ‘finals.’
The voting ‘finals’ will be posted after the preliminary voting round, and will last 10 days.

Note: This post will remain at the top of the page until the next JIB Awards update
  • Close of Nominations
  • Voting and Polls
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