JIB Awards – Polls Closed (Preliminary Round)

All of the preliminary round polls are now closed.


I am currently in the process of validating the results. Unfortunately (and despite my calls to keep the contest fair and in the spirit of its aims), I have encountered quite a number of clear-cut cases of cheating. Consequently, I have had to deduct votes off a number of blogs (not to penalize the blogs, but rather to eliminate the effects of the cheating itself).


After validating all of the results, I will begin to construct new polls for the Finals. Because I am going to be away on business this week, the new polls may not be up and running until next week. However, I will endeavor to have them up ASAP.

6 thoughts on “JIB Awards – Polls Closed (Preliminary Round)”

  1. Can we vote just once in the final round? This once-a-day voting is meaningless, if you ask me. I don’t know why Kevin does it, and I don’t know why you followed his example.

    One vote. One vote. One vote.


  2. I assume that the blogs that list deductions are those that are accused of cheating. It is kind of an odd mix and looks strange to me.

    Something is not right here. And it is not the fact that my own blog was hit this way.

    It is after midnight, so my head is a little fuzzy, but something is just odd, about this. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  3. I think I made it clear I was not accusing the blogs themselves of cheating. I have no way of knowing this. What I DO know is that the votes for these blogs contained those from the same person within 24 hours.

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