Important JIB Awards Announcement

Up until today, I was pretty satisfied with how the JIB Awards were going.


Sure, there was occasional ribbing and a small dose of pettiness, but most of it seemed in good humor.


However, after I received an email from one of the most talented Jewish bloggers out there, asking that he be pulled from the contest, I knew things had gone too far.


You see, this blogger is going to win his category. By alot. Fair and simple.


However, one of his competitors has decided to badmouth his blog. Not only that, but he has cast aspersions on his being Jewish. Perhaps in earnest, or perhaps in jest. It doesn’t really matter, since this kind of thing only serves to cause the exact type of ill feelings that I requested we avoid to begin with.


This contest is not about who wins or loses. It is about everyone winning and having fun. It is about recognizing the plethora of Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs out there. So let’s keep it nice. Let’s keep it fun. Let’s keep it real.

2 thoughts on “Important JIB Awards Announcement”

  1. And now let’s all go to the hootenanny and sing Kumbaya. If people would take this a little less seriously it would be much more fun for them.

  2. If you are referring to the awards themselves, then I totally agree with you. After all, it is people taking the awards too seriously which is leading to posts like the offending one.

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