“He Pongs, Your Honor!”

In Iran, a woman can divorce her husband if he is impotent, abusive, a drug addict, in jail, unable to provide for the family or living away from home for more than six months. One woman is hoping to add stinky to the list.
An Iranian woman is attempting to set a legal precedent by divorcing her husband because he has not showered for more than a year, a press report said.
The 36-year-old woman, only identified as Mina, reportedly told a Tehran court her husband Reza smells so bad that even his children will not go near him.
“Everybody is making fun of us. We cannot go to any parties. I feel so ashamed,” the woman told the divorce court.
The court will probably rule that the woman be beheaded. That way, she will not have to smell her husband again.

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