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Watch out J-Lo. PETA has you in their sights, armed with… inflatable beaver.
Jennifer Lopez has been named as a target for animal rights campaigners thanks to her controversial taste for wearing real fur. People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) label the star an “apathetic fur hag” and have issued a chilling warning – they will be waiting for her at public and US television appearances. PETA’s vice president Dan Mathews tells Page Six.Com, “PETA has her in our sights. On April 29, we’ll be waiting for her outside Jay Leno’s Tonight show studios at 4pm with a 30 foot inflatable beaver with a banner saying, ‘Fur – Leave it to Beaver.’
And I double-checked. This one is no April Fool’s gag.
Update: By the way, since noone at PETA has paid me any money
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