There Once Was a Man From Qazvin..

Ever wondered why US Secretary of State criticized Iran? Could it have something to do with the fact that Iran is one of the principal sponsors of terror in the world today, and is aggressively pursing nuclear weapons? Or does the answer lie somewhere else
Perplexed by the vitriol of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s attacks on Iran, one lawmaker believes he has uncovered the secret of her enmity — that she was spurned by an Iranian boyfriend at college, according to ISNA. 
“The reason that the US secretary of state attacks Iran is because she had her heart broken by a young man from Qazvin while they were students,” a confident Shokrollah Attarzadeh was quoted by the ISNA agency as saying.
I can just imagine the break-up:
Iranian Man: It’s not’s me.
Condoleezza Rice: Curse you, mysterious Iranian man from Qazvin. You have broken my heart, and I shall get my revenge. One day I shall be US Secretary of State, and when I am, I shall not only crush you, but also your entire people.
Iranian Man: So I guess we can’t be friends?
It would be interesting to know where Attarzadeh got this “information”.
Somewhat mysteriously, he added: “This is the result of an investigation by a woman MP, who cannot be named.”
Of course she cannot be named – she doesn’t exist. (Either that, or Attarzadeh was not able to determine which woman he was talking to).
But you have to hand it to Iranian MPs. What they lack in peaceful intentions, they make up for in imagination.
The sad thing is, these latest statements are not even the most fanciful to be uttered by an Iranian official. For instance, my favorite would have to be this:
“If America wants to invade Islamic Iran it must know that there is no limit to our defense and we have the capability to smash their heads, as with a mallet, wherever we wish,” he said.

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